LCS Allstars bets


Finaly pinnacles quotes for the first two matches of the LCS All-stars in Shanghai (China vs. North America / Europe vs Korea) are live. Of course the quotes for the following matches can not be announced untill it is known, which teams advance to the next round of the All-Stars tournament.

Quotes and Bets

Pinnacle offers win bets for both matches and also a handicap bet on the match China vs. North American. To fullfill the handicap bet, either the handicapped team has to win the best of 3 series without a single defeat or the other team has to just win one match of the series.

At the moment Pinnacle esports offers the following quotes:

  • China vs. North America:       1.185 / 4.930
  • Korea vs. Europe                       1.613 /  2.340

So both teams from asia are the clear favourites in the bookies eyes.

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