DreamHack Expands Hearthstone Grand Prix

DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix - LogoFor quite some time, North American Hearthstone players have been suggesting there should be more offline events in this region. Their wishes and suggestions weren’t ignored as DreamHack announced the expansion of Hearthstone Grand Prix. DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival, a local area network gathering with live concerts and competitions in esports, digital art, and so on. The very first such festival was held in Malung, Sweden. Now, DreamHack comprises of several events held throughout Europe in in Stockholm and Jönköping, Sweden, Tours, France, Bucharest and Cluj, Romania, Valencia, Spain and London, England.

Hearthstone Icon What is this expansion all about?

The Sweden-based gaming festival organizer announced a major change that will make all Hearthstone players and fans in North America very happy. DreamHack is set to expand the Hearthstone Grand Prix to include Atlanta, Denver, and Montreal in addition to the already-announced Valencia, Austin, and Jonkoping.

The official announcement says that Hearthstone has gathered more than 50 million players since launching in 2014 and DreamHack was the first major third-party organizers to host live tournaments for the game. In 2016, more than 800 players were competing in the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix circuit, winning more than $100,000 prize money in total. The circuit was also a success regarding the number of viewers who watched the events. More than 7 million live views online witnessed all the action, thus making this event the most prestigious tournament for competitive Hearthstone players to win.

Dima “Rdu” Radu won the first event and he also became the first person to win two DreamHack titles at DreamHack Summer 2016. Other players who won titles throughout the past three years are Thijs “Thijs” Molendijk, Aleksandr “Kolento” Malsh and Wang “TiddlerCelestial” Xieyu.

In 2017, DreamHack plans to make the Hearthstone Grand Prix even bigger and more successful, which is why it will be featured at seven DreamHack events with each stop hosting a major open Swiss tournament for all people who are willing to compete before 16 top players are moved to the single elimination stage.

Basically, there’ll be 200 competitor slots per tournament, each slot with a total prize pool of $25,000. That’s not all, every slot will also feature side events with special prizes and a $1,500 prize pool for players who don’t make it through the highly demanding Swiss stages of the main tournament. Throughout this year, about $185,500 will be awarded to the competitive Hearthstone players at DreamHack events. That’s an incredible amount of money and, definitely, a huge motivation for all players out there.

Hearthstone IconDreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix main event format

Tournament format Open Swiss with top 16 moving on to a single-elimination stage
Match format Last Hero Standing BO5 with 1 ban (subject to change)
Competitor slots 200+
Platform Players have to bring their own device (wired connection)
Prize pool

Total for the main event: $25,000, for side event $1500

1st – $7,500
2nd – $3,500
3rd/4th – $2,050
5th-8th – $1,125
9th-16th – $675

Hearthstone Grand Prix Events in 2017

  • DreamHack Austin – April 28th – April 30th
  • DreamHack Summer – June 17th – June 19th
  • DreamHack Valencia – July 13th – July 15th
  • DreamHack Atlanta – July 21st – July 23rd
  • DreamHack Montreal – September 8th – September 10th
  • DreamHack Denver – October 20th – October 22nd
  • DreamHack Winter – November 30th – December 2nd

Tickets for the very first Grand Prix event of the season (April 28th-30th) are already released and you can purchase them here.

Hearthstone IconBottom line

Hearthstone is incredibly popular nowadays and due to a high demand for more events, it was only a matter of time when DreamHack will announce more dates and locations. Their latest announcement is, sure, to make players from North America very happy. The changes will not only feature more players but also raise the competitiveness and improve the overall quality of events.

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