The Hearthstone Championship Tour – What happend so far

Hearthstone Championship Tour 2016 LogoIf you haven’t been paying attention to current events of 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour then this is the perfect time to start. The tour will “give” us the participants of World Championship and we have already found out first four players who qualified to this prestigious event.

Before we move on to see all the interesting events you can follow, let’s get to know the winners of winter season first.

Hearthstone Icon William “Amnesiac” Barton – Archon

William Amnesiac Barton - Winner of Americas Hearthstone Winter ChampionshipHearthstone Team Archon LogoWilliam “Amnesiac” Barton is a multi talented kid that is highly respected by pros in this esports. William Barton is fast becoming a huge deal in the Hearthstone competitive scene and he’s only 15 years old. In fact, Amnesiac is the youngest professional Hearthstone player in the world! This teen qualified for the Hearthstone World Championship at Blizzcon after winning the Hearthstone Americas Winter Championship tournament.

But, his big breakthrough was last year when he managed a number one finish in the ranked format for the game’s August 2015 season. After that, he signed for Archon. William “Amnesiac” Barton is already appreciated by the gaming community and even pros turn to him for advice on deckbuilding and current state of the meta. When not winning tournaments, this wunderkind plays basketball and tennis competitively. You can follow him on Twitter.

Hearthstone Icon Sanghyeon “DdaHyoNi” Baek – Cloud9

Sanghyeon DDaHyoNi Baek HearthstoneCloud9 Team Logo HearthstoneSanghyeon DdaHyoNi is a winner of HS Asia-Pacific Championship who made his way to the Winter Championship by winning the Korea Winter Preliminary. There’s not much info about this talented player from Korea but you can follow him on Twitch and see him in action.

Hearthstone Icon Ole “Naiman” Batyrbekov – VirtusPro

Ole Naiman Batyrbekov - Winner European Hearthstone Winter Championship Hearthstone Virtus Pro Team LogoOle Naiman Batyrbekov is a Hearthstone player from Kazakhstan who qualified to the World Championship after winning European Winter Championship. Naima was a member of team Anox, but he announced contract with Team Virtuspro on his Twitter account on April 24.

Hearthstone Icon Yuxiang “Breath” Chen – Celestial League

Yuxiang Breath Chen HearthstoneHearthstone Team Celestial LogoYuxiang Breath Chen is the member of team Celestial that won China’s biggest Hearthstone Team League this winter. He was also the team’s MVP. This talented player earned himself a spot at HS World Championship by winning China’s Gold Series 2015: Spring. Yes, they have different system in China but nonetheless, Breath won $15,500 prize and opportunity to show what he’s made of at Blizzcon.

Bearing in mind the fact that four players who qualified for HS World Championship are talented, dedicated, and eager to show what they can do, it’s safe to say the tour will keep getting better and more intense. This raises the excitement for the biggest event of the year.

It’s not too late for you to join the action and follow the tour until the World Championship and to make things easier for you, take a look at the events below.

Upcoming tournaments of the Hearthstone Championship Tour

Hearthstone Icon Spring season

Date Event
May 1 Spring Season Points Cut-Off
May 13-15 Europe Spring Preliminary
May 20-22 Americas Spring Preliminary
May 21 Australia and New Zealand Spring Preliminary
June 11-12 Europe Spring Championship
June 17-18 Asia-Pacific Spring Championship
June 25-26 Americas Spring Championship

Hearthstone Icon Summer season

Date Event
August 1 Summer Season Points Cut-Off
August 12-14 Europe Summer Preliminary
August 19-21 Americas Summer Preliminary
September 2 Australia and New Zealand Summer Preliminary
September 17-18 Americas Summer Championship
September 24-25 Europe Summer Championship
September 30-October 1 Asia-Pacific Summer Championship

Hearthstone Icon Last call

Date Event
October 15-16 Americas Last Call Invitational
October 19-20 Europe Last Call Invitational
October 21-22 Asia-Pacific Last Call Invitational

Hearthstone Icon HS World Championship is finally here!

The most exciting Hearthstone event of the year starts on November 4 and 5 on Blizzcon and will feature 16 of the world’s best Hearthstone players. Best HS players in the world will represent their regions, fight for the title of the champion and prize pool of $1 million and of course betting lines and odds will be available for this tournament.

The Hearthstone Championship Tour has already given us four participants of the World Championship. These four players are winners of winter season and are among the world’s best players. It will be interesting to see how spring and summer season will play out as well as last call. Watching HS Championship Tour is the best way to get to know the participants who will compete for the title of the best in November. Don’t miss it.

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