Hearthstone free to play Open Beta

Hearthstone ScreenshotHearthstone is now in a free to play Open Beta version available. Publisher Blizzard launched the Open Beta in Mid-January 2014. The online Card Game is free to play and is financed by in-game card packs you can buy for real money. As in most online Games you can get those card packs for free by solving quests randomly given each day. If you like Magic the Gathering or other Card Games you should definitely have a look at Hearthstone.

Where can I download Hearthstone for free?

The free open Beta is available on the official website of publisher Blizzard Entertainment. In order to get access to the Game you need to create a Battlenet account. You can find the link to the official website at the end of this post.

Betting on Hearthstone tournaments

Although there has been a tournament in closed beta of Hearthstone where online eSports bookmakers were offering betting odds for the tournament winner there are no recent tournaments planned where you can bet on. We will keep you updated!

Links and further Info

Download Free Hearthstone open Beta

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