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Another big collaboration between two TV giants has started. This time around, it is based alongside the growing eSports industry. Sky TV and ITV doubled their investment into Ginx TV, getting 16.5% shares of the company. It's a straight-on eSports TV service, and if we take into consideration that Ginx TV is already distributed in more than 30 million homes worldwide, both Sky TV and ITV are making a great move. Let's take a look at an official statement from Sky TV. Here's what they have to say about this matter:

“We’re really excited to have followed up our commercial partnership with Ginx with this investment, which will help us deepen our understanding of eSports and its audience. At Sky we are committed to bringing new programmes and channels such as GINX eSports TV to support and extend our leadership position in content.” – Emma Lloyd, Sky TV.

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What does eSports TV mean for the eSports betting industry?

Where should I start? Oh… Well, first of all – eSports TV means bigger exposure. Given the fact that it's a full on eSports TV, it means that there will most likely be eSports betting ads. Ads = more popularity. More popularity means more money being pulled into the industry which, then again, means better deals for customers. It's all tightly connected. It will surely get more people to use online eSports betting sites for gambling on their favorite teams. In addition to all of this, this new platform will greatly increase the popularity of all genres of eSports over time. In other words, this will result in bringing more eSports betting markets on online betting sites. Hopefully, better odds for all of us as well.

Is online eSports betting a factor in all of this?

A short answer – Yes! Yes, it is! As I already mentioned above, eSports betting is behind the curtains of all this. Ginx TV basically enables players to watch eSports matches on which they placed their money on, straight from the comfort of their living room couch. That's the beauty of it. In addition to this, eSports online betting sites are going to have many ads set up on Ginx. This will surely initiate a whole wave of new customers for them and increase their growth even more. In other words, eSports betting is a huge factor in all of this, mainly because of advertising opportunity that this platform represents. And I am sure we all know the importance of marketing. Especially in this industry.

What does Ginx TV have to offer?

Ginx offers a 24/7 broadcasting experience, with a schedule covering all major eSports tournaments such as DotA II InternationalLeague of Legends World Championship 2016 and varius CS:GO TournamentsIt's 24/7 coverage means that there will be VODs available for every time zone in the world. This is also a very good thing for advertisement which means they will be spread out worldwide instead of in just a few countries.

Marketing experts claim that the eSports betting industry is going to be worth around $20 billion per year in just a couple of years. This sort of a jump means that Sky TV and ITV have been playing their cards greatly. If this turns out to be true, their investment into Ginx TV could well be a marketing move that makes them proper giants of the entire industry. We will be there to witness it. That's for sure!

Written by: Pavo

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