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General Data Protection RegulationThe European Union voted for the implementation of a new set of rules regarding customer privacy and protection of personal information. It was passed exactly two years ago and is scheduled to be implemented in a couple of days (25th of May, to be more precise). But still, many people don't know what does this new ruleset (GDPR) mean for eSports and eSports betting websites in general? We already know that some companies gather user data for various reasons and this new development will put a stop to that in one way or another. So, without much further adue, here's the basic information you need to know regarding GDPR, eSports betting, and you!

GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation and it should change the way things work. Any company found in violation of the new regulation will be fined pretty severely.

Purpose of GDPR

The main purpose and goal of GDPR is to improve the security of user information. It’s also meant to give back some power to the consumers whilst also simplifying the regulations and environment which international business indulge in.

There are a couple of noteworthy changes and features such as:

  • Consent must be given in order for data collection. This consent must be gained separately for every single term, written clearly, and regularly renewed.
  • Citizens of the EU must have access to all info that a certain company has collected about them. If anything about the collected data isn’t correct, the citizens have the right to request corrections.

These are just some of the changes but they’re quite important since eSports is in a rather difficult spot right now. Obviously, all eSports bookmakers will have to comply with GDPR rules as long as they want to have clients from the European Union (and that's a big market for them to miss out on).

GDPR and eSports

When you take a look at how eSports is organized and how large some eSports companies are, it’s completely understandable why they’re on high-alert. Due to GDPR, even the largest companies, such as Riot Games, will have to make changes to fit the new regulations.

Unfortunately, that would mean either changing the way things work completely or not at all since the EU is a huge part of the eSports business (especially since eSports gambling was prohibited in the US until recently).


Data protection is a pretty huge deal nowadays, especially when we consider data breach scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica from a month back. Riot Games has, in this regard, taken some steps forward to increase data protection, such as including an age-related prompt saying that if you’re under 16 years of age, you need parental consent to play League of Legends.

Other companies are making changes to their ToS as well, so it’s pretty clear that this is something everyone will have to get used to pretty quickly.

Written by: Pavo

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