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Game of Thrones Betting LogoBingewatchers be prepared to pay attention, there is a slightly different kind of bet of a concerning Game of Thrones on Bet-at-Home. While most bookmakers are busy with creating odds for LoL Worlds 2017, Bet-at-Home is currently offering a bet on who will be able to sit on the Iron Throne last. This type of bet is so extraordinary that we want to report on it, although it is not directly related to eSports. Game of Thrones is a fantasy series that has been attracting viewers all over the world for some years now. On the fictitious continent of Westeros, a war over the Iron Throne and the reign over the seven kingdoms breaks out. Meanwhile, from the north, there is a danger for all mankind, because the Night King and his army of White Walkers are attacking and wanting to annihilate the people of Westeros. Game of Thrones is characterized by the fact that the audience never expects what is going to happen. As soon as you found a character you like, he or she dies within a few episodes, while some villains are allowed to life throughout many seasons. After the 8th season, however, the series comes to an end and then the question will be answered as to who will win the Game of Thrones.

!!The following paragraphs contain spoilers. Only read on if you have already seen all the episodes!!

The “Game of Thrones (GoT)” betting odds at Bet-at-Home

To find the GoT bet, you need to go to Bet-at-Home in the “Sports betting”section. On the left side you will find a selection of all the sports for which this bookmaker offers betting. The last category is “Society”, where you will find “Game of Thrones” as a choice. Here are the betting odds on Bet-at-Home for the outcome of Game of Thrones:

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Here you can clearly see the favourite for the reign over Westeros: Jon Snow alias Aegon Targaryen. 6 seasons and 6 episodes it was told to the audience that Jon Snow is the illegitimate child of Eddard Stark, the protagonist of the first season. Many people had long suspected that Jon is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and since the final of season 7 this is official. Aegon Targaryen is thus the only remaining male representative of the House of Targaryen and therefore the heir to the Iron Throne. However, Daenerys Targaryen still sees herself in this role, because she has no idea yet of Jon Snow's true identity and even has erotic feelings for him. The bookmakers' third most important figure is the current queen of Westeros, Cersei Lannister, who had to shed the blood of many people in order to ascend to the throne. Some people suspect that Gendry will also play a major role, because if Robert Baratheon is regarded as a rightful king and not the House of Targaryen, then Gendry is the rightful heir, as he is Robert's only son.

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Why would you bet on Game of Thrones (GoT)?

Ever since Game of Thrones was first broadcast, there has been a constant flow of fan theories and speculations about the characters' deaths and later roles. Most people thought in the first season that Eddard Stark was the main character and would eventually rule over Westeros, but suddenly he was executed by King Jeoffrey. Much of what happens in the world of GoT is surprising and not exactly what the audience is hoping for. The fact that there are odds shows that the end cannot be foreseen under any circumstances. Jon Snow is the clear favourite with an odd of 2.80, but that's only about 36% likely. It would be the end that the fans would wish for, so you have to ask yourself:”Wouldn't it be too obvious if Jon Snow became king now?”. Game of Thrones is a unique phenomenon in its reach and fanbase, so it is unlikely that there will be immediate betting opportunities for other new series.

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