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FIFA 17 - Ultimate Team Championship - LogoFootball is the most popular sport and esport in the world. Millions of football fans also play FIFA. Some people like to compete versus their siblings and friends, while others prefer taking it one step further to succeed in this esport. It comes as no wonder why the Ultimate Team Championship in FIFA keeps getting stronger and more popular.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series is open to eligible FIFA 17 players on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. All players who want to compete in the championship have to register first, of course. To get to the big stage, players have to compete within their region and across the competition’s two qualification seasons. The regional finals of the first season in Europe was held in Paris on February 4, 2017.

Who won?

In the grand finals, Hashtag United's Tassal “Tass” Rushan defeated FC Schalke 04's Cihan “Cihan” Yasarlar. Both finalists showed everyone why they made it to the end of the regional final demonstrating their talent, a wide spectrum of skills, and making the entire event incredibly exciting. Tass' signature possession-heavy and the pass-reliant offense went against Cihan's relentless offense and a multitude shots on goals in the best matchup of the tournament. Both players earned $20,000 for their efforts.

Tass’ offense helped him score early in each half with George Best (13th minute) and Luis Suarez (50th minute) and he was also gifted an own goal late (90th minute), thus taking the series opener to 3-0 on Xbox.

On PS4, the math started similarly with Tass scoring with Cristiano Ronaldo in the 7th minute and dominated the game the entire first half. However, they had to restart the final game when connection broke. After the restart, Cihan dominated the game and scored two goals despite losing a player to a red card.

The tournament showcases different types of play styles, from defensive to a complete offense. However, the surprise finisher was, by far, XShellzz, the young online player who combined innovative offense and a never-ending aggression powerful enough to beat his opponents.

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Despite the results in the final, all top eight players qualified for the final in Berlin, Germany which is to be held on Saturday, May 20. Eight players that secured their ticket to Berlin are:

  • Tass
  • Cihan
  • Timo “TimoX” Siep from VfL Wolfburg
  • Benedikt “Salzor” Saltzer from VfL Wolfburg
  • Corentin “RocKyy” Chevrey from Vitality
  • Florian “RayZiaaH” Maridat from Monaco eSports
  • Marcel “Marlut” Lutz from Monaco eSports
  • Shaun “xShellzz” Springette from Monaco eSports

A total of 32 players will compete in Berlin.

How the tournament works

Basically, there are six regional qualifiers: Paris, Sydney, Miami, Vancouver, Singapore, and Madrid. All qualifiers are broadcasted on ESPN, but matches are also live streamed on YouTube, Twitch, or EA SPORTS FUT Champions Page.

Every regional final has the same format comprising of a group stage, a knockout stage, and the final. In the group stage, the 16 qualified players from each console (Xbox or PS4) are divided into four groups. Top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage.

The format of the knockout stage is standard double-elimination type of play. Additionally, the top four finishers in each division (Xbox/PS4) in Europe, top three finishers in each division in Americas, and top finisher in each division from the “Rest of the World” qualify to the much-anticipated final in Berlin.

Bottom line

Just like in other types of esports, FIFA ultimate championship is divided into regional qualifiers whose winners get to show what they’re made of in grand finale which will be held in Berlin, Germany. Judging by the popularity of the event and different play styles we’ve already witnessed in Paris, the final event will offer even more goals, offenses, aggression, and passion.


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