eSports Organizations Need To Put An End To Match Fixing!

eSports Integrity Coalition Logo ESICIf you aren't familiar with the topic of today's article, here's a little intro. During the course of 2017, there were several match-fixing discoveries in the top flight eSports organizations. Needless to say, this struck everyone by surprise as it wasn't common practice to see such fraudulent behavior in eSports. Additionally, it also punctured a hole in eSports integrity which is a massive deal as its still at a very early stage in its development. But, where is money there will always be those looking to cheat their way into getting more of it, right?!

So what exactly can eSports in its entirety do about these concerning issues? Let's be realistic here, match-fixing is somewhat of the equivalent to outright cheating. If match-fixing allegations continue, eSports betting industry is bound to suffer from the obvious lack of integrity. People will stop betting on eSports and the entire industry worth will crumble down to only a fraction of what it is now. That and plenty other reasons are surely enough for eSports organizations to take up serious measures.

eSports integrity should not be taken for granted

Back in September, 2 professional Dota 2 players from team DX were banned for match.fixing on a 2-year period. This drew a lot of attention to the dangers of such fraudulent activities which, once again, suggests the lack of eSports integrity.

In order to stop these crucial issues, ESIC (eSports Integrity Coalition) together with Sportradar eSports integrity services are aiming to put an end to match-fixing. And they've been doing it with increased precision and are making it known that future frauds have very high chances of getting caught. It's not a joke anymore… it's far from it.

But there is still a lot of work to be done with this issue. ESIC and similar services need to be on their toes at all times in order to prevent players from cheating in this way. With a sophisticated fraud detection system that's been operating for many years now, ESIC and supportive services use eSports betting information as well as real-time player behavior analysis. These systems are bound to be improved too, but from the looks of it, they are doing quite a good job at the moment.

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