Our first birthday

esports betting Birthday CakeWe are getting one year old! A good time to take a look back at what had happened so far! First of all we want to say thank you to all the users how visited our website during the last year looking for information about eSports betting, eSports Leagues or upcoming tournaments. In total more than 80,000 people from all around the world gathered here and we hope that most of you could find what they were looking for. When we started the website we never thought, that it would grew this fast and to be honest it is sometimes hard to keep up the work besides our normal jobs. But your support has always helped to keep us going!

We have seen eSports betting Sites starting out during the last year while others like Digibet withdrew from the market. But in our opinion the sector is rapidly growing and more and more of the bigger online bookmakers are getting aware of it. So we will see who will be the next to enter the eSports betting market. One thing is for sure: We will be the first to let you know!

What is to come?

To say thank you to all of you who are interested in betting on eSports, we are planning a promotion together with eSports betting Site eSportsventure during the League of Legends All-Stars this year in Paris. Make sure to check it out – we will let you know more about the promotion as soon as we got all details figured out. Moreover we want to apologize for the lack of normal news in our news section but we are working on it!

As some of you may have noticed we tried to integrate a forum on our website to make it easier to discuss upcoming matches, odds and more but unfortunately it got spammed within 48 hours with loads of information about tiny little pills that might, or might not, last you longer in bed. We were forced to take it down and as we did not want to go through this again we decided to stop working on a forum on this website. But as we are interested in what you think we are planning to start our own subreddit on so you can make your voice be heard.

That’s it for today!

C ya at the streams or in summoners rift!

The Team

Written by: Esports Betting Pro

We have experience in video games, for over 10 years now. Live streaming and covering news are the major focus in the eSports community for me.

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