eSports Betting Is More Popular Than Ever

Pinnacle esports betting LogoGenerally, there has been a massive growth in eSports popularity over the course of the last couple of years. That's no surprise considering the amount of money being pumped into the industry. But, only a few expected eSports betting to be pulled into the stars alongside eSports. Sports betting was a giant industry in their own right, and nowadays, judging by the sheer growth of eSports betting popularity, we could even witness it crumbling down to its new electronic competitor. What a strange world we're living in!

What did 2016 bring to eSports betting?

Pinnacle, world famous eSports betting company has recently released a bunch of numbers proving that eSports betting in 2016 experience quite the boom. The company itself underwent a huge growth during last year, and with the trends rising as we speak, it would be no surprise to see their growth increasing even more this year.

As you can see, Pinnacle's eSports pre-game bet count has 111% growth in comparison to the last year (2015). That is not nearly as surprising as the 403% growth on live betting which has left everyone in shock. The numbers don't lie and it seems that, if it continues growing like this, eSports will definitely overthrow regular sports betting. It is just a matter of time!

Which eSports were subjects of the largest growth in 2016?

Not all games have experienced the same amount of growth during the last year, that's for sure. Some of them have lost popularity (mostly the marginalized franchises that don't really fit into the A category with some of the most popular ones), while the big 3 (DotA II, CS: GO and LoL) have gained a ton of it.

Judging by the sheer number of bets placed on each particular eSports franchise, the numbers expose DotA II as the clear favorite – with 205% of growth in bets during 2016, DotA II is the most popular eSports betting franchise at the moment. Closely followed by CS: GO with 166% on second place, and lastly is LoL with “just” 98%. This is understandable since League of Legends has been predicted to start losing popularity due to tough competition and lack of interesting competitive content added by the developers.

Pinnacle at the top of the eSports betting world!

If we said something like this last year, people would make fun of us… But now, more and more people realize that Pinnacle is not a joke anymore. With a couple of years during which Bet365‘s domination was pretty firm, Pinnacle had enough time to regroup and set up some solid goals for the near future.

As you can see now, they have put in a massive amount of effort and came out 2016 with 2 betting awards – one from SBC and one from EGR. Both of them prove that Pinnacle is currently at the top of the eSports betting industry, and intending on staying there for the time to come! They even predicted they will surpass Ice Hockey in terms of bet count by the end of 2016, and that happened 1 month before their prediction (on November 29th). Kudos to Pinnacle Sports and their respective staff members, what a wonderful year you've had.

Written by: Pavo

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