Drone Racing betting is a real thing

drone racingA couple of years ago, most people have looked at drones as expensive, military stuff that has no real purpose in their everyday lives… But things have changed recently, mostly because cheap drones have flooded the market. Nowadays, you can purchase a miniature drone for less than $20. A full sized one will set you back for around $100… But the cost of premium ones can still go up to couple thousands of dollars. As in everything else, there's something for everyone in the drone market. And that is exactly why drone racing is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

Drone Racing

drone racing 2With this being said, it comes as no surprise to see real drone races being held worldwide. From backyard enthusiast, people have started training to further improve their piloting skills. This led to first small drone racing tournaments being held. This, of course, attracted more and more people which led to a proper drone frenzy. In other words, from mere hobbies, over time these races have become a practical sport. A sport that could have a huge future in our modern society because of its uniqueness and thrilling experience. Considering its rising popularity, it was just a matter of time before someone starts making betting on drone racing possible.

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Pinnacle is going to feature bets on drone racing

Pinnacle esports betting LogoThe first bookie that is going to feature drone racing bets is Pinnacle. They are well known for doing major first steps in the betting industry. They were, in fact, the first bookie that offered multiple eSports markets back in 2010. That just proves they have a good nose for new (popular) markets and they're ready to react to new opportunities faster than their competition.

Drone Racing Trader at Pinnacle informed us:

“When pricing the Drone Worlds it was quite exciting to delve into a new sport with such potential. What I was looking for was overall progress and possible improvement in piloting race-to-race coupled with recent wins and overall rankings. Using the information available I was able to compile our opening odds, but given the high-speed and constantly changing tracks I’m expecting plenty of action from both drone experts and fans alike.”

>> View Upcoming Drone Racing Bets and Odds at Pinnacle >>

2016 Drone Racing World Championship

drone racing worldsLater this month, 2016 Drone Racing World Championship is setting the stage up at the Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii. The main event starts on October 20th and its respective end is two days afterwards, on October 22nd to be more precise. At first, Pinnacle aims to only offer outright winner bets in order to increase the overall public interest in the market. So far, they have only included the top 5 favorites for winning the quad FPV event. You can see the odds down below:

Luke bannister – 1.714

Zachary Thayer – 3.760

Vladimir Meshcheriakov – 5.650

Dino Joghi – 5.650

Vincent Delcomme – 9.410

In addition to those odds, Pinnacle Marketing Director, Harry Lang, issued an official statement regarding this:

“Drone Racing has come from nowhere to be ‘the next big thing’ in tech sports innovation. It is fast-paced, hugely exciting and has a low barrier of entry for new competitors. Plus the capacity of the drones to send live footage from within races makes for incredibly engaging streamed content. We’re happy that Pinnacle is the first bookmaker to offer our leading odds on a new sport with such huge potential.”

From the looks of it, drone racing could grow up to be a rather competitive sport. It surely does have a great start to its career as a first tech oriented sport of its kind. With Pinnacle already arranging first bets, it is going to be interesting to see which other eSports betting sites will follow in its footsteps. This will, without a doubt, greatly affect drone racing not just as a sport… but as a betting market as well.

Written by: Pavo

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