vs PSG.LGD Predictions – Dota 2 TI8 Upper Bracket Match #2

Without a doubt, facing off against PSG.LGD is going to be a special treat for all true Dota 2 betting fans from all over the world. It's basically the 2 second best teams the entire season with only Team Liquid being well off above them. It should also be noted that these 2 teams only lost 1 match in the group stage (1 match each, to be more precise) meaning they don't give up that easily. However, they had a handful of draws which is something they won't be that proud of. But, since TI8 main event is scheduled for Bo3 matches, there's only one team that's going to keep playing in the upper bracket afterward. If you want to know which one, make sure you continue reading TI8 vs PSG.LGD predictions information in the next couple of paragraphs.

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DOTA 2 Ti8 vs PSG.LGD Predictions | Stats

Teams Dota 2 Team Logo PSG.LGD Dota 2 Team Logo
World ranking 3rd 2nd
Form D W D L W W L W W W
Total maps played 941 839
Won 508 502
Draw 69 71
364 266

Who is going to win? vs Vici Gaming – Key Match Recap

It is ridiculous to hear that a team such as managed to get fewer wins than draws in their group stage matches. Even though it is ridiculous, it doesn't make it any less true. 3 wins, 4 draws and a single loss for It's a strange score for one of the top 3 teams in the world. That one loss came from an unlikely source too – Vici Gaming. However, that match came on the last day of the group stage so it was understandable that VP players could've been tired or just saving their best for the main event which they already secured. One way or another, VP lost against VG and if PSG.LGD want to do the same, perhaps they will be investigating that matchup sooner rather than later.

PSG.LGD vs Evil Geniuses – Key Match Recap

PSG.LGD fulfilled everyone's expectations by finishing the group stage with 11 points to their name. It could have been a couple more points in their basket too, but they lacked composure in crucial moments to secure them. Still, the gap between their 3rd place and OG's 4th place is 2 points so they had some room for mistakes as well. In terms of their matchup against EG, Maybe failed to deal with Suma1L for the most part. That, plus fed Arteezy in the second match meant Evil Geniuses are taking the W without too many issues. And that was the only PSG.LGD loss in all group stage matches, which means VP will have to bring valuable information out of it if they want a proper fight.

DOTA 2 Ti8 vs PSG.LGD Predictions

I guess I don't have to be the one to let you know this matchup is going to be the best (and most anticipated) one in the first 2 days of the main event. 2 teams that are going to face off here are currently ranked 2nd and 3rd in the world of Dota 2 eSports… However, don't think that one of these 2 is going out of the tournament after losing in this match. Nope, the loser will still have a chance to prove its worth in the lower bracket. As for the actual TI8 vs PSG.LGD predictions go, I won't go with the popular vote and back Nope! I believe PSG.LGD will win this as they are, at least for the moment, in slightly better form than their opponents.

Who is going to win?

Written by: Pavo

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