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A really interesting topic are the TI 7 live betting options for the Dota 2 The International Group Stage. Live bets are available during the games, this means while you watch what is happening on the livestream there are different live bets in various categories you can bet on. The interesting thing is that the TI7 live betting odds change often, according to what is happening in the game. This makes live betting very dynamic. Because of this they are different to the standard bets & odds for TI7, the compendium special bets or the special bets for TI 7. Their odds can change too, but once the game starts they are locked in. Let's look at an example for easier understanding: Imagine your favorite team has picked some suboptimal  Dota 2 heroes and after a few bad decisions early in the game, they find themselves with a huge disadvantages. Accordingly the live betting odds for a win of your favorite team will rise, and the odds for a win of the enemy team will fall. But if you are sure that your team can make the comeback, then that would be the perfect time to bet live on the win of your team to maximize your potential profit. As the comeback starts happening, the live betting odds for a win of your favorite team will fall again and your profit will fall accordingly.  This means that events and occurences have a drastic influence on the rise and fall of the odds for live betting. This brings an additional layer to betting, as not only the right betting tips are important, the right time is very important too. Live betting will most likely be available for the TI 7 main event too. Let's look closer at a few The International 2017 Dota 2 live bets.

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Dota 2 Icon Live Betting Odds for the TI7 Group Stage

The first live bet is the good old classic, who will win the matchup? At the stage of writing EG seems the clear favorite to win this game, but as the game progresses and things change the odds might end up changing too. So be aware of the timing on your bet. Checking the eSport betting site is recommended. Otherwise this bet works the same way as the normal match winner bet.

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In addition you can bet on the individual maps as well in the map 1/2 winner bet. You can bet that one team wins the first map, the other team wins the second one. As you can see the odds are quite different, this is because EG is at the time of writing leading in game 1, thus odds change.

dota 2 the international 2017 live bet map winner group phase bet365

Another small and fun Dota 2 bet, betting on who gets first blood on map 1 or 2. The team who can score the first kill, thus first blood, wins the bet. Usually more aggressive teams get lower odds, but as these are live bets & odds this might not be true and will vary wildly on the performance ingame. Beware that this bet closes as soon as the first blood is scored.

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If you are more interested in more standard bets, you can take a look at the already existing diverse offer on our TI7 betting and odds page.

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