The International 2017 breaks prize money record!

Now it is official: the prizemoney of TI7 this year is the highest ever in the eSports tournament history. The International 2016 was the highest before that, with an incredible $20,770,460 in the prize pot. But The International 2017 easily surpassed this amount, with almost a month remaining for the community to make it even bigger. This is only possible because of Valve’s approach to the prizemoney, a more detailed look and more information into the prize pool of TI7 here. The Dota 2 Developer put up a $1,600,000 as prize, which in itself is already a very large tournament, but then they release the Battle Pass accompying TI7 and 25% of its sales go directly into the prizepool of TI7. Because of this method, the prizepool is currently at $20,879,172 (on 07/14). This means the winner of TI will go home with an enormous amount of cash in their pockets and naturally all teams of TI7 will want to bring their A game. It is exciting to see if this years TI will be the one to end up breaking into the $25 million dollar region. There is still almost a month available to further contribute to it. Valve has been using this crowd funded approach since 2013 and each tournament had a higher prizepool than the last.

The International 2017 Prize Money – 07/14/2017

dota2 the international 2017 prizemoney update4

Here is a list with all TIs and their prize pools.

  • The International 1: $ 1.600.000
  • The International 2: $ 1.600.000
  • The International 3: $ 2.874.380
  • The International 4: $ 10.923.977
  • The International 5: $ 18.429.613
  • The International 6: $ 20.770.460

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