The International 2016 Prize Pool is a Couple of Days Away from Surpassing eSports Record

The International 2016 LogoThe biggest Dota 2 tournament’s prize pool – The International 2016 – is sitting right now at $18,231,647, which is only $197,966 away from last year’s record of $18,429,613. If this record is surpassed –which is almost a reality—it will make The International 2016 the highest paying tournament in eSports history.

The International 2016 Prize Pool Dota 2 eSports

Source: 07/23/2016

The International 2016 has been collecting between $100,000 and $200,000 per day, so it’s probable that it will take less than 48 hours to break this record. If it happens, it will mean that this tournament will be breaking the eSports prize pool record for the fifth time in a row. Or take a look at the current The-International 2016 outright winner betting odds.

The International 2016 Prize Pool Hourly Tracking Graph Dota 2 eSports

Source: 07/23/2016

4 Years Straight Isn’t Enough

Dota 2’s owner company, Valve Corporation, has stated clearly their intention of breaking this record once again. This year’s prize pool increased greatly thanks to a marketing move they pulled when they saw a slow growth in this year’s prize pool. On Day 44, they released a unique opportunity for players to receive rewards for a discounted prize, but only for the duration of that weekend. This increased the prize pool by more than 1 million dollars just on the first day, since 25% of the sales went to the prize pool.

Another factor that is helping to break this record is the Immortal Treasures. Every time these are released, the prize pool takes another large jump (these are The International season treasures, and 25% of their cost goes to the prize pool). There’s still one additional Immortal Treasure yet to be released, which promises to catapult the prize pool for around an additional million dollar.

Valve has also promised to give all players three “Trust of the Benefactor” treasures if they break this record. These include the chance of getting the following rewards:

  • Immortal Treasure
  • A random hero set
  • An Arcana set
  • An ultra-rare chance of getting a unit-limited item, which are so rare that they can cost more than $100 in Valve’s Steam market.

Making eSports a Real Thing to the Rest of the World

The corporation’s intention of growing eSports is being shown by their intentions of paying more and more each year to the best players in the world. This has already started to influence people that think that videogames aren’t more than what the eyes see: just a game.

The impact this tournament has in players’ careers can be appreciated if we take into account that the 11 players with the highest earnings in eSports have won a Dota 2 International. Additionally, the list of the top 50 eSport players with the highest earnings is dominated by 48 Dota 2 professionals. This is thanks to the influence of Valve’s high-paying tournaments organized throughout the entire year.

This has already caught the public’s eye, and several articles in well-established sport sites are making eSports attract the eyes of people that has never played a videogame.

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