TI5 Main Event Day 4 – Predictions and Results

TI5 Main Event Day 4 Results

TI5 Main event day 4 results

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TI5 – Main Event Day 3 Recap and Day 4 Predictions

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The quality of Dota on day 3 was probably the highest we have seen so far from a technical standpoint. A lot of teams were playing close to their A game and some teams still managed to stand out through that. Teams are starting to step up and round out their games as the championship draws nearer and nearer.

The day began with a battle of two middle of the pack CIS teams, with Virtus Pro taking on Complexity Gaming. Complexity were never supposed to make it this far, while Virtus Pro were picked as one of the better teams before the tournament began. In the end, the Russians prevailed 2-1 in a very close series, with all three games going the distance. Complexity have to be satisfied with their TI5 run, despite how disappointed they must at the moment.

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Team Secret also faced off against Invictus Gaming in a battle between two true contenders. IG was just hitting their stride, while Secret had taken a bit of a setback for the first time in, seemingly, all of 2015. The gap between the two teams since their meeting on day 1 of the Groups was closed, and we as fans were rewarded with a great 3 game series. In the end, Team Secret still managed to pull through, sending the former champions from IG home.

ITi5 mainevent day3 resultsn the Upper Bracket, two of the absolute most impressive tems in TI5 matched up with a top 3 finish spot on the line. LGD Gaming were the favorites and nothing about their performance dictated otherwise. CDEC was also on top of their game, with a dream run through the Wildcard Qualifiers all the way to the Winner’s Bracket Semis. CDEC continued to surprise, riding the back of Aggresif’s Phantom Lancer to a 2-0 sweep of the Chinese favorites, LGD Gaming.

Finally, the day ended with an exciting match-up with one of the last hopes of Western Dota, Evil Geniuses, and the rather surprising, but massively experienced EHOME. EHOME took a quick 1-0 lead after completely rolling over Evil Geniuses in a 30 minute beatdown, which caused Evil Geniuses to turn to a semi-desperation Techies pick in game 2. It worked out beautifully, giving them massive map control and they farmed their way to a 1-1 draw. In the decisive game 3, EG went semi-all-in on a snowball lineup that had to hit their timings before the EHOME Phantom Lancer simply took over. A great performance from Sumail’s Windranger was enough to secure them enough of an advantage to put the required pressure on EHOME’s lineup in order to squeak out a close win before EHOME managed to hit their critical mass and swing the game.

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TI5 – Main Event Day 4 Match Predictions

Predictions Lower Bracket

Day 3 – Match #1: TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team MVP Phoenix vs. TI5 VG Vici Gaming

MVP Phoenix is a bit of a Cinderella story up to this point. They were a bit of a longshot to even qualify for TI5 and, when they finally made it, no one really gave them a serious chance to do anything in the tournament. They answered their critics by placing 5th in their Group. But then they took it one step further by knocking out the defending champions in their Round 1 Main Event game. Then they conquered Team Empire in a best of 3, and did it with relative ease. One more win would truly shock the world.

Vici Gaming, meanwhile, are a little bit of the opposite. They were extremely hyped up coming into the tournament, but had a very mediocre Group Stages. When the Main Event rolled around, they seemed to hit their form at the perfect moment. A close game against Na’Vi that they just barely pulled out seemed to be the turning point in their tournament. They proceeded to beat Cloud 9, first with a tough, closely contested Game 1, and then with a relatively easy stomp in game 2. One of the most talented teams in the world are just getting warmed up. Are they ready to truly contend now?

Prediction: While MVP Phoenix will have won over some fans who are cheering for the underdog, Vici Gaming is finally living up to their promise and it’s a relatively easy bet here. The edge in ability, drafting, and experience all go towards VG here. The Koreans have nothing to lose, so expect to see their continued unorthodox drafting and style in this series, but VG have the coordination and talent to overcome it.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 TI5 VG Vici Gaming

Day 3 – Match #2: TI5 team secret Team Secret vs. TI5 Virtus.Pro Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro are still a bit of an unknown to the casual fan, but they are a team on the rise. They’ve followed up a strong 2015 campaign with a good Group Stages, and a strong showing in the Main Event. Their quality of competition has been a little weak up to this point, but they’ve done well against what the schedule has had to offer.

Team Secret is the ultimate quality of competition. It only took one speedbump to drop them to the Loser’s Bracket and, while Secret fans must have been panicking, they rebounded with a closely contested 2-1 win over an underachieving Invictus Gaming. Nothing about their 2015, their TI5, or their personalities suggest that the 0-2 loss to EHOME will have a major negative affect on their title chances.

Prediction: Team Secret are still the best team in the world. After they rebounded against a great team in the form of IG, it feels like the loss to EHOME will make them even that much better. Virtus Pro are underrated, but they are still just a hair shy of being a Tier 1 team. Team Secret should build on their momentum and look to make a deep run at this year’s International

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 TI5 team secret Team Secret

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