TI5 Main Event Day 3 – Predictions and Results

TI5 Main Event Day 3 Results

Ti5 mainevent day3 results

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TI5 – Main Event Day 2 Recap and Day 3 Predictions

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Day two of the Main Event was full of shockers and surprises. Huge favorites fell and surprise winners looked incredible.

The biggest shock of the day was, probably, Team Secret dropping their series 0-2 against EHOME. By far the biggest favorites of the tournament, Secret came through the Group Stages looking just as good as ever and like nothing was wrong with their game. In their first Winner’s Bracket game, however, they just looked out of sorts; some questionable carry play from Arteezy was too much of a handicap for Team Secret to overcome, and EHOME took full advantage. The Chinese side played super solid Dota, on route to ensuring themselves a spot in the top 6.

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The other surprise of day 2 was MVP Phoenix sweeping their Lower Bracket series against Team Empire. The Europeans were looking in pretty decent form, while the Koreans were kind of viewed as an afterthought, but on day 2 it was MVP Phoenix who looked cool, calm, and confident in their abilities. They stuck to their own style, taking a Bounty and Spirit Breaker very highly in the draft, and it paid off in spades. Relentless aggression proved to be the winning formula for the Koreans, as they advanced to the Lower Bracket round 3.

A game that did go as anticipated was the series between tournament co-favorites, Evil Geniuses, and Complexity Gaming. EG had little trouble dealing with the young upstarts, and Complexity traded a trip to the Lower Bracket for some much needed TI5 experience. They need to stay positive and regroup, as a matchup with EG was never, realistically, going to be an easy task.

The final match of the day saw one of the Chinese favorites, Vici Gaming, take on one of the top ranked CIS teams, Cloud 9. An exciting series that delivered on everything that fans could hope for resulted in a pretty convincing 2-0 victory for VG. An exciting 70 minute Game 1 had everybody from commentators to fans, singing Fy’s praises, and a counter-pick Sniper in Game 2 turned out to be perfect for the situation. In the end it was another disappointing finish for Cloud 9, but there was no excuse; VG was simply the better team.

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TI5 – Main Event Day 3 Match Predictions

Predictions Upper BracketTI5 Main-event upper bracket predictions

Day 3 – Match #1: TI5 LGD gaming LGD Gaming vs. TI5 CDEC Gaming Dota2 team CDEC Gaming

LGD Gaming have been the most consistent team at TI5. They were in great form coming in and were viewed as a top 3 team and, probably, the top team from China. They delivered with a great Group Stages, finishing first overall, and earning a choice of opponents in round 1 of the Winner’s Bracket. Their choice was Team Empire, and although Empire did make a fight of it, LGD Gaming managed to prevail 2-1 and earn their spot into the top 6.

CDEC Gaming have had the dream run so far up to this point in the tournament. They had to fight their way through the Wildcard Qualifiers, which they did. They had a wildly successful Group Stages despite this, finishing second in Group B. Then a convincing win over Cloud 9 in round 1 of the Winner’s solidified themselves, if they hadn’t already, as a true contender at this years’ International.

Prediction: This should be a great series. Two teams at the top of their games going head to head on the biggest of stages. With their forms equal, you have to defer to the LGD experience advantage. Their familiarity with the high pressure, all eyes on you kind of moment will be the deciding edge between these two Chinese teams.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 TI5 LGD gaming  LGD Gaming

Day 3 – Match #2: TI5 EG Evil Geniuses vs. TI5 ehom EHOME

Cloud 9 should be a top 5-7 team in the world. They have the talent, the experience, and the tournament practice. They just can’t seem to put it together when it matters the most. They had a very winnable matchup in round 1 of the Winner’s Bracket up against CDEC Gaming. A win in round 1 would have ensured them a top 6 placement, but it turned out to be just another opportunity lost.

Vici Gaming had a disappointing Group Stages. They were billed as a top 3 team in the world coming into the tournament, but a lacklustre Group Stages dropped them to the Loser’s Bracket. Their first opponents were Na’Vi and the iconic core duo of Dendi and XBOCT. A game that VG seemed to have control of was put in jeopardy by an extremely farmed XBOCT Anti-Mage. The end of the game saw everybody exhaust their buybacks and the Na’Vi throne went down just in the nick of time.

Prediction: This should be a great series. Both teams are talented and experienced. Both teams have underperformed at TI5, but have a chance for redemption. This is a series that may come down to the draft. If one team can gain an edge in lanes through the virtue of the draft, that may be enough to win the series. With that in mind, I just simply trust Fy a little more than Bone7 in that sense.

>>Result Prediction: 2-1 TI5 ehom EHOME

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Predictions Lower BracketTI5 Main-event lower bracket predictions

Day 3 – Match #3: TI5 complexity Complexity Gaming vs. TI5 Virtus.Pro Virtus Pro

Complexity Gaming had a great Group Stages, giving themselves a shot at instantly placing in the top 6 with a win in their Winner’s Bracket game. However, Evil Geniuses proved that they are just simply on another level and gave a dose of humble pie to the CIS qualifiers. If Complexity can regroup and capture their Group Stage form, they have a good chance against a good, but beatable Virtus Pro side.

Meanwhile, Virtus Pro came into TI5 riding on a wave of confidence from a hot 2015. Their Group Stages were relatively successful, but they still dropped into the Loser’s Bracket. There, their first round opponents were the darkhorse wildcards from Malaysia, Fnatic. An exciting constant-clash style of game resulted in the Russians coming out on top. Their Dragon Knight, manned by G, was just too tanky for Fnatic to compete with, and VP rode that out to the win.

Prediction: Both teams have shown that they actually have the ability to compete at this tournament. Both teams are a bit underrated and, even, seem to be of similar skill level, but it feels like Virtus Pro’s slight experience advantage will be the difference in this series.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 TI5 Virtus.Pro Virtus Pro 

Day 3 – Match #4: TI5 team secret Team Secret vs. TI5 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming

Team Secret was, undoubtably, the favorites coming into TI5. Their Group Stages were as impressive as you would expect, and a match up against a middle-ranked EHOME squad was seen as merely a speed bump on their way to the finals. The Chinese vets had other plans though, and they showed the world in Round 1 of the Winner’s Bracket that Team Secret might not be as invincible as we thought. Was it just a blip in the Team Secret radar, or is there something that teams have figured out to penetrate their seemingly impenetrable armor?

Invictus Gaming is on the polar opposite side of the fence. Terrible form coming into TI5 and a bad Group Stages caused many people to kind of write them off. Just when people started to see them less as favorites and more as forgotten underdogs, the legendary Chinese roster seems to have flipped a switch. Their day 4 concluded with 2 quick and easy wins over Na’Vi, and their round 1 Lower Bracket match was just as easy and convincing of a win over MVP Hot6.

Prediction: Team Secret managed a 2-0 sweep of Invictus Gaming during the Group Stages on day 1, and the difference in form between the two from then until now has not been large enough that you could confidently pick IG to turn things around. Team Secret still have to be considered one of the major threats left to take the entire tournament.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 TI5 team secret Team Secret

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