TI5 Main Event Day 2 – Predictions and Results

TI5 – Main Event Day 2 Results:

TI5 main event day2 resultsTI5 main event day2 match results





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TI5 – Main Event Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Predictions

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Day 1 of the Main Event provided a lot of exciting games, but no major surprises. LGD Gaming moved on against Team Empire, and CDEC won in a toss-up against Cloud 9 in the Winner’s Bracket. Team Empire drops to play the winner of MVP Phoenix and Newbee, while Cloud 9 will fight for their lives against either Natus Vincere or Vici Gaming, depending on how the Lower Bracket games, also played on Monday, went.

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In the first round of the Loser’s Bracket, we had our first teams eliminated at this year’s TI5. In a match-up between the Korean MVP Phoenix and last year’s champions, Newbee, we saw the Koreans ride the back of a niche Juggernaut pick to a bit of an upset win.TI5 main event day 1 results

Vici Gaming took a rather close and exciting game against TI1 champs Natus Vincere. A gigantic XBOCT Anti-Mage couldn’t quite pull it through against a tri-core of Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, and Luna, and VG just simply had too much at the end.

A clash of dynamite styles between Virtus Pro and Fnatic resulted in a teamfight-heavy game that saw the Malaysians take an early lead, but great teamfights from Virtus Pro turned the game around, and the Russians rode that advantage to a 40 minute win, ending Fnatic’s run at this year’s tournament.

Finally, Invictus Gaming took on MVP.Hot6 for the final game of the evening. Hot6 pulled out an interesting Bloodseeker + Jakiro combination but it was only enough to take a few towers. At the end of the day, IG proved to be too much to handle, and they took a relatively easy win on the back of a masterful support Rubick performance from Chuan.

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TI5 – Main Event Day 2 Match Predictions

Predictions Upper Bracket

Day 2 – Match #1: TI5 EG Evil Geniuses vs. TI5 complexity Complexity Gaming

TI5 Main-event upper bracket predictions

Evil Geniuses has a propensity to underperform in the early phases of a major tournament. They started out the TI5 Group Stages in similar fashion, splitting series against both Newbee and Virtus Pro, neither of which were favorites coming into the tournament. Some adaptation in their drafting led to better results. A pick-up of Treant Protector as a direct answer to a roaming Bounty Hunter proved to be a perfect strategy, earning them a win against both VG and MVP.Hot6. EG are known as a team who can adapt quickly to and exploit the current tournament metagame. Look for much of the same in the Main Event.

Meanwhile, Complexity Gaming were probably the number 1 surprise of the Group Stages. Behind overlooked and dismissed coming into TI5, the ex-HON players were touted as a bottom 3 team. A 2-0 sweep of MVP.Phoenix was quickly followed by a 0-2 defeat at the hands of LGD. It wasn’t until day 2 that Complexity really started to take off. After day 2, their only real setback was a 0-2 crushing at the hands of Team Secret, but their performance in their other matches was enough to achieve a 3rd place finish in their group.

Prediction: While Complexity Gaming had a great run in the Groups, they did so against the mid-tier and lower-tier teams in Group A. Against opponents of the calibre of Evil Geniuses, they were a combined 0-4. They were swept on day 1 by LGD Gaming, and then swept on day 3 by Team Secret. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses showed that despite a little inconsistency, they still had enough to top Group B. For a team that gets better in the knockout rounds, they should simply have too much for Complexity. An outclass at nearly every position, they are simply the stronger team at this point in time.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 TI5 EG Evil Geniuses

Day 2 – Match #2: TI5 team secret Team Secret vs. TI5 ehom EHOME

Team Secret was the story of 2015. They won their last 3 major LAN tournaments, looking completely unstoppable in the process. They pick whatever heroes they want, the lane it however they feel like, and then they win every game. Truly in a tier by themselves right now. They only dropped 3 games in the Group Stages; their first one, whether taken by surprise or by fatigue, they simply weren’t ready for the talented, but volatile Fnatic. The next was a closely contested 1-1 split with the number 2 team, LGD. The final one was a throwaway, meaningless day 4 game against a very weak MVP.Phoenix; you can’t read much into this loss.

EHOME had a quiet Group Stage. Everyone knows that they are good; but they are not good enough that people consider their games must-watch or to put them at contender status. They Group Stage went similarly; they were just hanging around with a trio of 1-1 splits to open their tournament. On day 3, they had another 1-1 split with EG before finally breaking through and sweeping MVP.Hot6. On day 4, they remained un-swept with a 2-0 win against VP followed by a split against CDEC. Finishing with 5 splits and a pair of 2-0’s, they earned enough points to place 3rd in Group B.

Prediction: While I think that EHOME are undervalued in this tournament by a lot of people, it is hard to go against the sheer dominance of Team Secret. Their 2015 was just so good that it would be a shame for them to drop to loser’s bracket in round 1. Either of these teams have the potential to do some damage in the loser’s bracket, whichever of the two loses. I think EHOME will continue their consistent play, but the overall ability of Team Secret will pull them through.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 TI5 team secret Team Secret

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Predictions Lower Bracket

Day 2 – Match #3: TI5 Empire Team Empire vs.TI5 MVP.Hot6ix MVP Phoenix

TI5 Main-event lower bracket predictions

Team Empire finds themselves in an elimination situation for the first time at this year’s International. After a successful Group Stages, they drew Chinese juggernauts LGD Gaming in the Winner’s Bracket. Despite losing 1-2, they were right there with one of the best teams in the tournament, with all 3 games lasting nearly to the 50 minute mark. If there was ever such thing as a successful series loss at such a huge tournament, that might have been what Empire experienced on Monday.

MVP Phoenix have seemingly been fighting for their lives for the entirety of the tournament. After making it through the qualifiers, they had an ok Group Stage, eventually drawing Newbee as their round 1 opponents. A relatively surprise pick up of Juggernaut, the same hero that they used to take a game off of Team Secret, turned out to be the difference as the Korean side ended up knocking out the TI4 winners.

Prediction: Team Empire has had a strong 2015 and seemingly look just a slight bit behind or off of being a top tier team. Good showings in both the Group Stages as well as round 1 of the Winner’s Bracket is enough to confidently pick them over the Koreans. MVP Phoenix have been ok at this year’s tournament, and should be proud of what they have accomplished. Taking this years’ experience moving forward, we could see more competition out of Korea in years to come, but this year it simply seems too early.

>> Result Prediction: 2-0 TI5 Empire  Team Empire

Day 2 – Match #4: TI5 Empire Cloud9 vs. TI5 VG Vici Gaming

Cloud 9 should be a top 5-7 team in the world. They have the talent, the experience, and the tournament practice. They just can’t seem to put it together when it matters the most. They had a very winnable matchup in round 1 of the Winner’s Bracket up against CDEC Gaming. A win in round 1 would have ensured them a top 6 placement, but it turned out to be just another opportunity lost.

Vici Gaming had a disappointing Group Stages. They were billed as a top 3 team in the world coming into the tournament, but a lacklustre Group Stages dropped them to the Loser’s Bracket. Their first opponents were Na’Vi and the iconic core duo of Dendi and XBOCT. A game that VG seemed to have control of was put in jeopardy by an extremely farmed XBOCT Anti-Mage. The end of the game saw everybody exhaust their buybacks and the Na’Vi throne went down just in the nick of time.

Prediction: This should be a great series. Both teams are talented and experienced. Both teams have underperformed at TI5, but have a chance for redemption. This is a series that may come down to the draft. If one team can gain an edge in lanes through the virtue of the draft, that may be enough to win the series. With that in mind, I just simply trust Fy a little more than Bone7 in that sense.

>>Result Prediction: 2-1 TI5 VG Vici Gaming

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