TI5 Group Stage Day 4 – Match Schedule and Betting Predictions

TI5-Group-Stage Day 4 PredictionsTI5 Day 4: The final day of the group stage sets the table for every team heading into the Main Event. While some teams will simply treat it as a warm-up, not wanting to reveal anything, whether it be strategies or hero picks, before the elimination phase; some teams will treat it as do or die, hoping to seed themselves in a slightly better position. There are only 4 timeslots of matches, with very few exceptionally interesting matchups, but there is still a little something to play for and, especially for the middle of the pack teams, no doubt we will see top notch effort and play. The matches available on day 4 are:TI5 betting - The International 2015 bets and odds

TI5 Day 4  Match #2:  TI5 Empire Cloud 9 vs. TI5 complexity Complexity Gaming

TI5-Banner bet-at-home-5-EUR-no-deposit promoAn interesting matchup on the final day of group stages is Cloud 9 taking on Complexity Gaming. Cloud 9 is finally rolling after a pair of day 3 sweeps, while Complexity sits just behind them in the standings after being swept by Team Secret.

Cloud 9 has had an up and down group stage, but managed to pull it all together on day 3. They head into the final day of matches sitting at a comfortable 10 points, good for 3rd in their group, after sweeping both Invictus Gaming and MVP Phoenix, both in convincing fashion. No one has really ever questioned the talent or skill level of Cloud 9, but their consistency and discipline have been questionable and, often, their downfall. If they have conquered their demons, then Cloud 9 might actually have a chance to go deep into the tournament. One final test against a relatively hot Complexity team will be a great chance to polish up their game heading into the Main Event.pinnacle-esports-betting-bet-now

Group Stage Day 4 Schedule – TI5 Schedule
Series 16 : 07/30 – 9:00 PDT
Fnatic - TI5 team logo 0 2 TI5 LGD gaming
TI5 Empire 0 2 TI5 complexity
TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team 1 1 TI5 team secret
Series 17: 07/30 – 11:00 PDT
TI5 navi 0 2 TI5 Invictus Gaming
Fnatic - TI5 team logo 0 2 TI5 complexity
TI5 newbee 1 1 TI5 Virtus.Pro
Series 18: 07/30 – 13:00 PDT
TI5 ehom 0 0 TI5 Virtus.Pro
TI5 CDEC Gaming Dota2 team 0 0 TI5 EG
TI5 newbee 0 0 TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team
Series 19: 07/30 – 15:00 PDT
TI5 CDEC Gaming Dota2 team 0 0 TI5 ehom
TI5 Empire 0 0 TI5 MVP Phoenix Dota2 team

Meanwhile, Complexity Gaming has had a great tournament up to this point. Despite being swept by Team Secret on day 3, the relative newcomers to the pro Dota 2 scene have got to be happy with their performance so far. With two manageable series on the final day against Cloud 9 and then Fnatic, they have a very real chance to finish top 3 in their group, which no one would have predicted before TI5. While Cloud 9 are the favorites in this matchup, Complexity Gaming will definitely not roll over and die. They have a lot of experience playing against Cloud 9 and have always played them tough. With Cloud 9’s historical consistency issues, this might be a game where you find a great bit of value on a juicy underdog.

TI5 Day 4 Match #8: TI5 CDEC Gaming Dota2 team CDEC vs TI5 EG Evil Geniuses

CDEC vs Evil Geniuses sets up as, probably, the most interesting game of the day. The Chinese qualifiers are proving to be a force to be reckoned with a quick and efficient sweep of defending TI4 champs, Newbee, and then following up with another sweep against one of the pre-tournament favorites in Vici Gaming. Meanwhile, EG seems to have hit their stride; after a disappointing day 1, ppd and crew have seemed to find their comfort level and definitely right there with Secret and LGD as tournament favorites.   Their day 3 was relatively mediocre, splitting series against EHOME and then Team Empire, but they still sit second in their group and are a team that no one wants to face in the elimination matches. Although it’s a great test game for both teams going into the Main Event, it doesn’t seem very likely that either of them will pull out any pre-made strategies or reveal secret picks that they have planned.

Evil Geniuses is the more likely of the two to simply use the game as a testing ground for something, as they have a trip to the winner’s bracket all but wrapped up and are playing without any real pressure on day 4. Aui_2000 and ppd are a pair of players that love to innovate a new hero or build (Aui’s jungle KotL with a Quelling Blade comes to mind), so perhaps we could see something similar.

Although CDEC is guaranteed winner’s bracket as well, they will likely use the game as a great practice or test game to see where they stand and where they need to improve in order to have a chance at a title run. They will take the game very seriously and, if EG goofs around too much, CDEC have a great chance to pull off an upset here. They are already playing solid, disciplined, and skilled DotA at the moment, with plenty of momentum and confidence carrying them right now, so EG would do wisely to be a little cautious. A win or split secures them first place in the group, which would put them in great position heading forward.

14.30 Evil Geniuses 0-550 -129
CDEC 0+420 +796
Draw +160


Understandably, EG is still favored in this match against the higher seated team in the standings, but CDEC is definitely a live play; they are sitting first in the group for a reason. With EG potentially taking the series as an unimportant practice match, and CDEC’s amazing current form, CDEC Gaming has some real value as an underdog to at least pull off the 1-1 split.

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