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Group Stage Day 1 of The International 2015 was a frenzy of action and there were close matches everywhere. Some of the underdogs surprised, and some of the stronger teams struggled, resulting in a very evenly played day 1 of action. A lot of series were split 1-1 after the underdog took a surprise game, and no one team really seemed to stand out as the team to watch out for.

Trendy heroes began to appear, as the tournament meta began to establish itself. Leshrac was banned a whopping 12 times, followed by Bounty Hunter at 8, and Tuskar at 7. The most picked hero turned out to be Queen of Pain, who was seen in 10 of the day 1 matches, followed by Clockwerk at 8 appearances, and Gyrocopter at 6. The Lina also began to make appearances as the day went on and could be a major factor in day 2.

TI5 Group Stage Day 1 ResultsThe most notable results were LGD Gaming announcing that they might just be a title contender, as well as Newbee showing that last year wasn’t a fluke and, even though they haven’t taken it as seriously this year, they are still a force to be reckoned with. On the flip side, EG started off slowly, as they seemingly always do. Can ppd right the ship with the boys in blue as they head into day 2? He always seems to manage it. Virtus Pro only managed 2 1-1 splits, but they faced both Newbee and EG, two of the stronger teams in the tournament; the Russians must be satisfied with their opening day.

On the flip side, Cloud 9 and Invictus Gaming didn’t have the greatest days. For two teams that are probably in the top 8 or 10 in the world, they finished the day sitting near the bottom of the standings. Hopefully they can turn it around in day 2, as these are two of the most entertaining and interesting teams in this year’s tournament.

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