TI5 Grand Finals – Main Event Day 6 – Predictions and Results

TI5 – Main Event Day 5 Recap and Day 6 – Grand Finals – Predictions

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With just five teams remaining at TI5, day 5 was another great day for Dota fans.

LGD Gaming and Virtus Pro met up with the chance to meet up with VG up for grabs. VP opened the series up with a lineup similar to the ones that they had used to beat Team Secret in the previous round. LGD were prepared for it, however, and countered their movements easily, taking an easy win and leaving the Russians 1 more loss away from an exit at the International. Game 2, they went for a semi-all-in early to mid game strategy, hoping to end it before LGD’s superior late game could take over. Although they had some good pressure, LGD held strong and, eventually, their Phantom Lancer and Templar Assassin were too much to handle. Still, VP have to be content with their run at TI5, and LGD have to be excited about their chances to win the title still being alive.

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With their win against VP behind them, LGD moved on to face their rivals from China, Vici Gaming. VG had been riding a renewed display of teamwork, coordination, and masterful individual talent, winning 4 consecutive series in the Lower Bracket, without dropping a single game. This manifested itself in game 1, with great teamwork, and even better individual skill with Fy, again, leading the way on his Sand King. VG took the quick 1-0 lead, but LGD reminded us why they were rated so highly coming into TI5 in game 2. A Sniper pick from VG left them rather squishy and vulnerable to gap closers, and LGD punished them with a Tuskar, Earthshaker, and Rubick pick up. Dominating from the start, LGD tied it up 1-1 going into the ace match. VG opted for the more reliable Carry in Phantom Lancer this game, but LGD countered with massive amounts of AoE; they picked up a Shadow Fiend, Earthshaker, and Gyrocopter, which allowed them to go toe for toe, even into the late game with VG. A few back and forth engagements later, LGD finally saw the opening and closed out the game, winning the series 2-1.

In the lone Winner’s Bracket game, CDEC Gaming continued their Cinderella TI5 with another 2-0 sweep, this time against Evil Geniuses. Aggressif’s Phantom Lancer seems to be completely untouchable, with CDEC just simply rolling over the competition anytime they get it. They also showed enough versatility to win with a more mid-game oriented lineup as well, simply outplaying EG for the majority of the series. They now await the winner of Evil Geniuses and LGD Gaming in the Grand Finals, both of whom they have already swept 2-0 in the Main Event.

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TI5 – Main Event Day 6 – Finals – Match Predictions

Predictions Lower Bracket

Day 5 – Match #1:TI5 LGD gaming LGD Gaming vs. TI5 EG Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses are playing their first and only series in the Loser’s Bracket. They have had a good, but not great tournament up to this point, winning the majority of their matchups but never really being tested at the same time. When they ran into a hot CDEC Gaming in the Upper Bracket Finals, they couldn’t take a single game off of them. One thing we do know about EG, though, is that they rarely panic, and regroup better than any other team in Dota. Their losses generally make them stronger and better, which might be just what they need right now to make their push.

LGD Gaming were in accomplishing just as much as EG, against better competition until, they too, ran into the hot CDEC team who eliminated them from the Winner’s Bracket. LGD, similarly, rebounded, no doubt under the guidance of xiao8, and won two convincing series against VP and VG, and now look to climb over the last remaining Western team in order to have a chance at redemption against CDEC.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses are the single best team in Dota at analyzing their mistakes and rectifying or compensating for them in their future matches. It all comes from their captain, ppd’’s, ability to pinpoint what exactly went wrong and where they lost their game. If they can strengthen their weaknesses, they should be able to come together and rally for a win against LGD.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 TI5 EG Evil Geniuses

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