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Valve has invited some top notch Dota 2 casters for the biggest event of the year in Dota 2. They assembled quite a team of talent to broadcast the games. We start off with the host of this years’ the International 2015, ReDeYe. Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner announced through twitter that he has been invited to host the International 2015.

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TI5 caster ReDeYe Twitter1

The next day he posted another pic on twitter when he realized he was not dreaming.

TI5 caster ReDeYe Twitter2

Although he is quite new to the Dota 2 hosting scene. He has hosted a lot of other tournaments mainly in CS:Go and Quake.

ReDeYes invite to host the International 2015 has been met with mixed reactions. There are some people who have been saying that he has not been covering the Dota 2 scene enough in order to have an accurate grasp of nuances of Dota 2.

A move that has been met with much positivity was the invite of Toby “TobiWan” Dawson. TobiWan has been casting the International since its first iteration in 2011.

TI5 caster TobiWan Twitter

The other casters who have been invited for the English cast are:

  • SyndereN
  • LD
  • NoxvilleZA
  • Basskip
  • MotPax
  • Maut
  • Blitz
  • Hotbid
  • Sheever
  • Merlini
  • Ayesee
  • Zyori
  • Capitalist
  • Luminous
  • Purge

There have been some good casters who have been left-out in the cold like Cyclopz and Lumi but Valve can’t invite all of them. Other language commentators have also been invited.


  • CaspeRRR
  • Maelstorm
  • LighTofHeaveN
  • v1lat
  • mob5ter
  • Jotm
  • NyawHARD
  • Adekvat
  • GodHunt


  • DiegoHads
  • SangueV-
  • Apricola
  • Pocotoh_
  • Mortaa


  • Daelin
  • GSTV
  • SpectruMDoto


  • Blacklight
  • h0ly


  • Hugo
  • LuCiqNo
  • V0ja


  • Fnas
  • Sjolus
  • Sunflake

So no matter what language you might want your caster to be. Valve has got you covered.

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