TI 4 – Price Money rises to over 6 million US Dollars | 9 new Compendium goals

It's a crazy amount for an E-Sports tournament. The prize money for the Dota 2 Tournament The International 2014 (TI 4) has exceeded more than 6 million U.S. dollars as reported by Valve.

TI4 price pool

In the beginning (2011) the total prize money pot the first International was “only” 1.6 million U.S. dollars. We have made an overview of the prize money of the former Dota 2 “The International” tournaments:

Prize Money Overview The International 2011 – 2014

2011 – 1.600.000 $  |  2012 – 1.600.000 $  |  2013 – 2.874.732 $ | 2014 – ? 10.000.000  $ ?

Valve offers all Dota 2 players a special item for purchase: The Compendium. With this item players can track the course of the tournament in detail and received numerous background information about the participant teams of the tournament. With every copy oft he Compendium sold the total prize pool for the biggest Dota 2 tournament 2014 rises by  $ 2.50.
By just selling The Compendium the prize money broke through the mark of 6 million U.S. dollars yesterday. (20/05/2014)

New Stretch Goals

Inspired by that success, Valve released 9 new stretch goals for the 2014 Compendium:

6,8 Millions – Daily Hero Challenge

Earn 25 Compendium points every day by winning a game with the Hero we choose for you.

7,2 Millions – Alternate Voice

Vote for the Hero you'd like to receive a new alternate voice & dialogue pack. When the recording is complete, you will be granted an item that unlocks the new voice.

7,6 Millions – Favorite Hero Challenge

Start training for the next International. Select one of your Least Played heroes and we'll provide a GPM/XPM analysis tool during the game to help you compare your performance with previous games. Win 10 games before July 28th and you'll earn compendium points.

8 Millions – Model Update Vote

Vote for the Hero you'd like to receive a reworked model.

8,4 Millions – Multi-Kill Banner

You'll receive an item that customizes your Multi-Kill Banner.

8,8 Millions – Afterparty Broadcast

Live Broadcasting of the after party with special guest Darude.

9,2 Millions – New Upgraded Creeps

Unlocks new models for your creeps after you've killed the enemy barracks. (Available to all players, not just Compendium Owners)

9,6 Millions – A -> Z Challenge Support

A new guest system will be added to track your progress, and earn you rewards as you win with all the Dota Heroes. (Available to all players, not just Compendium Owners)

10 Millions – Victory Prediction Taunt

Unlocks the ability for you to perform a voice taunt with your Hero in early stages of the game. Keeps track of how many successful predictions you've made in a row.

TI 4 compendium stretch goals

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