TI4 Main Event Day 1, 2 & 3

This is what everyone is waiting for. The main event of the International 2014 starts today and everybody is at the edge of their seats. The final eight teams have been determined. Their seeding concluded during Phase 3 of the playoffs. It is finally time to pull out all the stops and find out who will hold the Aegis of Champions above their heads and claim the largest prize pool in e-sports history.

TI4 Bracket Overview July 21, 2014 

TI4 Grand Finals


The winners bracket will have a much easier road to the finals. Having to win only 2 matches to enter the finals. Plus they have2 chances as the loser of the match is relegated to the losers bracket where they will still have the opportunity for the championship. The losers bracket will have to win 3 matches to enter the finals and if they lose one match, they are instantly eliminated. The schedule of the games are as follows.

TI4 Day 2: Losers Bracket – Lower Bracket

Cloud 9 vs Na'Vi – July 19 18:00 CEST/ July 19 12:00 EDT/ July 19 11:00 CD

Invictus Gaming vs LGD Gaming – July 19 21:00 CEST/ July 19 15:00 EDT/ July 19 14:00 CDT



TI4 Day 1: Winners Bracket – Upper Bracket

Vici Gaming vs NewBee – July 18 18:00 CEST/ July 18 12:00 EDT/ July 18 11:00 CDT

Evil Geniuses vs DK – July 18 21:00 CEST/ July 18 15:00 EDT/ July 18 14:00 CDT




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Preview and Predictions DAY I & II 

Vici Gaming vs Newbee

Vici Gaming is the surprise top contender for the championship this season. They have been passed over as one of the top teams more than once and this year they are showing why other teams should be wary of them. Newbee is a very solid team. They might not have such a great playoff phase as Vici Gaming but a best of one is different from a best of three match. I'm going to give this to Newbee by a slim margin. It might even go the distance.


Evil Geniuses vs DK

This might as well be the finals if they have been put in different brackets. Everybody is betting on DK to win this one. They have been made for the International and they have waited a year for a chance to win it all. But I would not count EG out of this one. I am actually going to pick them as the winner. Most people might disagree but EGs strats are actually pretty good.


Cloud 9 vs Na'Vi

This is the time when Na'Vi seems to do the impossible. After three straight years being in the finals of the International this might be the year that they don't make it. Na'Vi might fall before they make the finals but I would bet it would not be against Cloud 9. Na'Vi knows how to handle the pressure and will pull this one out of the fire.


Invictus Gaming vs LGD Gaming

This might just be the easiest match to call among the first round. LGD Gaming surviving by the skin of their teeth against a good IG squad. Picking IG to win this one and advance to the next round.




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