TI4 Group Stage | Phase 2 The International 07/09 – 07/12/2014

The International 2014 group stages will be held on July 9, 2014 until July 12, 2014. Instead of splitting the field into two groups, Valve has decided that it will just be one big battle royale to determine the seedings. Each Dota2 team will play each other in a single game round robin format. That means more than a hundred games in a span of just a few days, with all these games to watch, how would you know which matches too look out for. Below is a few match-ups that I believe would be the games to watch out for.

Standings TI4 Group Stage (final standings Phase 2) 

Position Team Wins Losses Total
1 Team Evil Genuises logo Evil Geniuses 12 3 15
2 Team_VinciGaming_logo_smal Vici Gaming 11 4 15
3 Team DK Logo Team DK 10 5 15
4 Team IG Logo smallInvictus Gaming 9 6 15
5 Team NatusVincere Logo Natus Vincere 8 7 15
6 Team Cloud 9 LogoCloud 9 8 7 15
7 Team Liquid LogoTeam Liquid 8 7 15
8 Team Titan LogoTitan 8 7 15
9 Team NewBee LogoNewbee 7 8 15
10 Team LGD LogoLGD Gaming 7 8 15
11 Team MouseSports Logomousesports 7 8 15
12 Team Alliance Logo Alliance 6 9 15
13 Team Empire Logo Team Empire 6 9 15
14 Team Fnatic LogoFnatic 6 9 15
15 Team NatusVincere LogoNa'Vi NA 5 10 15
16 Team ArrowGaming LogoArrow Gaming 2 13 15


Main Event Winners Bracket
Phase Three | Round 3
Phase Three | Round 2
Phase Three | Round 1
Eliminated from TI4

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TI4 Group Stage – Day 4 Recap

The eliminations are finally over. The dust has settled and the standing have been determined. Alliance, the defending the International champs has fallen by the wayside. No matter what happens now. We will crown a new the International champion. Vici Gaming finishes on the top of the hill ensuring that they are in the winners bracket of the main event. Evil Geniuses joins them with a 11-4 record. DK and Invictus Gaming round out the top four. Team Liquid, the last qualifier, is also through to the next round. There will be a playoff for the last 2 places as NewBee, LGD Gaming and mousesports all finished with the same 7-8 records.

 Game of the day will be Alliance vs Na'Vi. Alliance may have been out of the competition but it did not deter them from winning the rematch of last years final. Once Dendi brought out the Divine Rapier it was a sign that Na'Vi was desperate. In the end, Alliances strategy won out.

TI4 Group Stage – Day 3 Recap

It's the 3rd day of the International and for the third straight day there is a new leader up on the boards. Evil Geniuses has taken over the top spot from Vici Gaming. It has been a perfect day from Evil Geniuses with a relatively easy schedule today. Although they have beaten Na'Vi and Vici Gaming. Alliance is not in such a great spot with a 5-8 record. The defending champions might not even make it out of the eliminations since their final two games are against Evil Geniuses and Na'Vi. Arrow gaming is definitely out of contention for the next round but everybody else is still in the hunt for a possible place for the next phase of the tournament.

Game of the Day would be Cloud 9 vs Vici Gaming. Currently the longest game in the tournament with Vici gaming refusing to call GG even with Cloud 9 having mega creeps. Vici gaming managed to draw the game out , even having enough time to farm 3 divine rapiers on the Ember Spirit. But Cloud 9 had so much of an advantage that they simply overwhelmed Vici Gaming.

TI4 Group Stage – Day Two Recap 

Another topsy-turvy day in the International 2014. A new team on the top of the standings and a few teams moving up and few teams moving down the standings. Surprise team, Team Liquid is still very much in the International with a 5-4 record good for joint third in the standings. DK may have finally broken their slump zooming into joint second place with a 6-3 record, beating Alliance and day 1 leader Cloud 9 enroute to a perfect day. The new top dog is Vici Gaming. Rolling over the competition and leading everyone else with a  7-1 record.  Arrow Gaming has also broken into the win column but it might just be a case of being too little, too late.

Game of the day: Newbee vs Vici Gaming. I absolutely loved how Vici Gaming took every advantage they have and finished the game under 30 minutes. Vici Gaming worked they strategy perfectly and never let Newbee breath for a second, pressuring their towers and taking  only the fights that they knew they could get something out of.

TI4 Group Stage –  Day one Recap 

The first day of the International is now over. The dust has settled and we have a few surprises here and there.  Two of the biggest surprises were Cloud 9 and Team Liquid. Cloud 9 leads the standings with a 4-1 record. Losing only to mousesports and Team Liquid. The last qualifier to the International has a respectable 3-1 record, beating powerhouses like DK, Newbee and Evil Geniuses, tied for 2nd place in the rankings.

Two of the big names in Dota 2 seem to be struggling. Alliance is near the bottom of the heap with a 1-4 record and DK is not that far ahead with a 2-3 record.  The only game Alliance has won is against Arrow Gaming and they have not yet won a match and they lost a supposedly easy game against the Titan.

Game of the day: We would recommend watching the Team Liquid vs Newbee game to watch. Newbee has been undefeated in three straight games and Team Liquid was riding a high after disposing of DK. Team Liquids  qojqva Tinker carried the team into a win.

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Highlights TI4 Group Stage | Phase 2 | 07/09 – 07/12/2014


Team Natus Vincere LogoTeam Evil Geniuses LogoNa'Vi vs. Evil Geniuses

(July 11 1:30 CEST / July 10 16:30 PDT / July 10 19:30 EDT)

EG is easily one of the contenders here in the International. Na'Vi is one of the most famous Dota 2 teams in the world. This match should be fun to watch. EG to be one of the teams that have a better understanding of todays meta. It would not be a surprise if they win against Na'Vi.


Team Natus Vincere LogoTeam DK LogoNa'Vi  vs. DK 

(July 12 00:00 CEST / July 11 15:00 PDT / July 11 18:00 EDT)

This match is too close to call right now. DK might have the individual talent superior to Na'Vis but Na'Vi has the strategy and the cunning to take that out of the equation. It would all come down to the picks. Whoever gets the strategy or heroes that they want might just come out on top of this one.

Team Evil Geniuses LogoTeam Alliance LogoEvil Geniuses vs. Alliance

(July 12 21:00 CEST / July 12 12:00 PDT / July 12 15:00 EDT)

The current champs against one of the best teams in the International. Alliance has gotten better of their match-ups against EG and there are no indications that it is going to change soon. Although EG has won 2 of the last 3 matches against the Alliance but this is the International, Alliance would not be holding anything back.


Team Alliance LogoTeam Invictus Gaming LogoAlliance vs. Invictus Gaming

(July 9 18:00 CEST / July 9 9:00 PDT / July 9 12:00 EDT)

The 2013 champions against the defending champs. They have split their match-ups right down the middle and this match would be a tie-breaker. With IG winning the last two games against Alliance and the Alliance seemingly in a recent slump. IG is a slight favorite on this one.


Team Alliance LogoTeam Natus Vincere LogoAlliance vs. Na'Vi

(July 12 19:30 CEST / July 12 10:30 PDT / July 12 13:30 EDT)

The rematch of last years grand final. If last years games was any indication, this game would be very, very close. Ever since they have let the championship slip from their grasp, Na'Vi seems to have a vendetta against the Alliance. I think they have not lost a single match against the Alliance since losing last year. Giving this match to Na'Vi since winning this would be a statement win against other teams in the International.

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