TI4 Grand Finals July 21, 2014

It all comes down to one best of five. Two of the best Dota 2 team in the world will be vying for a $5 million prize. Newbee vs Vici Gaming. They meet in the finals having two contrasting roads to get there. Vici Gaming was the top dog during the eliminations. Securing first place, not having to go through phase 3 of the eliminations. Their luck changed during upper bracket matches in which they were relegated to the lower bracket. Fighting from the brink of elimination, finally defeating EG for a place in the final.

Grand Finals Live Stream starts at 19.00  / 07:00 PM (CEST) | July 21, 2014

TI4 grand finals 2014

Newbee had a much easier time although they were not one of the top teams after the playoffs. They had to go through an elimination match against mousesports and LGD Gaming before finally hitting stride in the 3rd phase booking a seat in the upper brackets. From then on they simply dominated the competition booking the first slot in the final.

Team breakdown


  • Hao
  • Mu
  • xiao8
  • Banana
  • SanSheng


1st Place – MarsTV DOta 2 League
2nd Place – V Games Tournament Season 2
2nd Place – Esports Champions League


Vici_gaming_logoVici Gaming

  • Fenrir
  • FY
  • r0tk
  • Super
  • Sylar

1st Place – ESL Qualifier Asia
1st Place – The Summit Asia Qualifier
2nd Place – WVW Professional League
We would give Vici Gaming the slight edge in this match-up. Even though Newbee has won 2 of their last three match-ups, Vici Gaming have been through a few tight matches and they are a very versatile team and can beat you many ways.

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