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The Chinese Regional Qualifiers for the International 2014 is going to be held on May 20, 2014 and would last until May 23, 2014. It will be held at the Long Wish Hotel International in Jianyin, China. The teams will be playing group stages via LAN inside their hotel rooms and the finals will be held in front of a live audience.

Traditionally, the Chinese teams has always been the favorites heading into the International tournaments.  The reason being is that China has always been a big Dota 2 market. It might be because the Tencent company which handles LoL in China has always been seen in China as a huge profit machine and it might just be because the champs and skins that are bought in the Chinese server of LoL are more expensive compared to their international counterparts. Nevertheless, we all know that Dota 2 is played at the highest level in China, some international teams even go out of their way and join tournaments in China in order to train.

The Chinese Regional qualifiers has an initial group stage in which each of the teams will face each other in a single round robin with the top 4 teams going into the next phase with a double elimination, best of three format.  The top 2 teams are seeded in to the higher bracket and the bottom 2 into the lower bracket.

Since we all know all of the participating teams have originated in China. Listed below are the ten teams invited to the regional qualifier and their members.

TI4: Chinese Regional Qualifiers |  Facts

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Chinese Qualifiers | Invited Teams


TI 4 chinese qualifier

  • LGD.Gaming
    • DDC
    • Yao
    • DD
    • xiaotuji
    • Lin
  • TongFu
    • SryFox
    • uuu9
    • Mr.LiukeAl
    • XiaoLv
    • Kabu
    • Maybe
    • Garder
    • 333
    • XH
    • Q
  • CNB.cn
    • 5400
    • 888
    • 8gk
    • Sdn
    • Dogfight
  • New Element
    • Shiki
    • Maples
    • Long
    • DJ
    • Xz
  • DT^Club
    • super
    • Air
    • InJuly
    • DreamyU
    • XDD
  • Speed Gaming
    • My-Miku
    • Zy
    • Zrd
    • Jdh
    • Zyp
  • CIS Game
    • Inflame
    • Demons
    • June
    • Ayo
    • Black^
  • HyperGlory Team
    • ZSMJ
    • XTT
    • CTY
    • PrettyHaw
    • S
  • Orenda
    • 290
    • Yj
    • Yim
    • Yi
    • Liionly


Live stream | TI4 Dota 2 Chinese Qualifiers LiveStream

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