The International 2015 Pub Stomps | Public Viewings

TI5 pub stomps 2015Watching the International 2015 in Key Arena not an option? Watching the games in front of your pc does not sound appealing? Not to worry. Valve has set-up various pub stomps near your area for you to watch the International 2015 along with other hardcore Dota 2 fans.

Attending an even is simple. Just search for any pub stomp in your area by going to this link. Sign in with your Steam ID and that’s it. You can now go to that pub stomp. If there is no pub stomp near your area, do not despair. Check back from time to time as more pub stomps are being added the nearer we are to the International 2015. Valve is also going to show pictures from various pub stomps during the International 2015 to see which pub stomp has got the most attendees.

What are you waiting for? See you there!