Spring Pass and The International 2016 (TI6) Compendium

The International 2016 Battle PassThe International is the most awaited tournament of the year not only because all the action it brings, but also because it comes together with a compendium packed with great features and rewards for Dota 2 players that buy it. For only $9,99, buyers will not only contribute to the biggest prize pool of eSports; they will also have good chances of receiving special rewards with higher value.

The Spring Pass –which includes TI6 Compendium- became available for purchase on May 16. After just two days, it has obtained $5,000,000 for the International 2016 prize pool. This is due to the fact that 25% of the Pass sales go to this pool. It already promises to surpass last year’s international +$18,000,000 award.

Similarly to the Winter Pass from the Shanghai Major, the Spring Pass comes with four quest lines –only three available at the moment. Each of these lines takes you into a path of objectives you must complete in various matches to unlock its final reward, which is a set for a specific hero. As players complete quests and achievements, they will unlock new in-game effects that include terrains, weather effects, River Vials, Multi-Kill Banners and more.

Spring Pass: Features and Rewards

Immortal Treasure Battle PassAs it’s usual, this Spring Pass functions through a leveling system that gives you rewards for reaching specific levels. You need 100 points to gain one level. You can obtain these points by wagering, completing quests and achievements or by buying them.

The first feature you will like about this Spring Pass is that you’ll have the chance to replace your current MMR. This is thanks to a new Seasonal Matchmaking Ranking System, which is basically the same MMR system we know that you can start from zero within the duration of the Pass. If at the end of the Spring Pass you’ve played more than 40 Seasonal MMR System games, you will have the option of replacing your normal MMR with this one. This responds to years of petitions from players to give them a chance to change their MMR without having to grind it from the bottom.

You’ll see familiar stuff from past Passes and Compendiums, but you’ll also see some other new features.

Features that return in this Pass

  • Evolving Courier
    Evolving Carrier Level 0

    Evolving Carrier Level 0

  • Effigy Blocks
  • HUD
  • Loading Screens
  • Emoticon Packs
  • Evolving Ward
  • Cursor Pack
  • Music Pack
  • New Taunts
  • Weather Effects
    Evolving Carrier Level 21

    Evolving Carrier Level 21

  • Seasonal Terrain
  • Three quest lines
  • Wagering
  • Postgame Tipping
  • Arcana Vote
  • 3 Immortal Treasures
  • Special in-game effects
  • Rylai’s Blessing
  • Level 1000 Aegis Replica

The International 2016 Battle Pass Banner

Battle Pass Seasonal Terrain

Season Terrain

New Features

  • Three-Star Tier System: This time, each quest will have three levels of difficulty. The higher the difficulty you are able to complete, the more points you will receive.
  • New unlockable Legion Commander quest path at level 225.
  • New wagering limits: Instead of having only 1000 wager tokens per week, this time you will be given more limit per week as you level up.
  • Community Challenges: Throughout the entire Spring Pass there will be various collective quests. Every victory match in Dota 2 will count to complete them. When each objective is completed, all Spring Pass owners will be able to play a minigame that rewards a random amount of points. They can play three times for each objective completed. The first objective is to kill the monstrous amount of 20,000,000,000 trees.
  • A special reward for every Spring Pass owner if The International 2016 surpasses Ti5’s prize pool: This consists of 3 chests that will include a 2016 Immortal Treasure, a random hero set, an arcana set or a really low chance of winning an item from a special list of ultra-rare items that are quantity-limited.
  • Seasonal MMR System.
  • New amateur weekend cups starting from June: You will be able to participate in weekend cups with your friends against other teams of your same skill level. This is literally a cup that will reward battle points, profile trophies and in-game items you can show to others if you win.
  • The International 2016 Compendium: Although it isn’t available yet, all Spring Pass owners will receive it as soon as Valve releases it. This means that this Spring Pass was made for both the Manila Major and the International 2016.
  • New unique terrain with no expiration date.

The Spring Pass can be obtained through the Dota 2 official store. It’s obtainable for only $9.99, but you can receive a level 50 Spring Pass for a discounted price of $26.99. You can also buy levels separately for the following prices:

  • 5 levels for $2.49
  • 11 levels for $4.99
  • 24 levels for $9.99

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