The Shanghai Major Regional Qualifiers 2016

Finally, the participating teams for the Dota 2 Shanghai Major are now official. After the end of the Main Qualifiers, we know the 16 teams that will be competing for the $3,000,000 prize pool.

The Main Qualifiers, which took place in 4 regions: America, China, Europe and SEA, held two groups per region. The top two teams from each group went to a double elimination bracket where the two finalists earned a spot in the Major. They will now compete in the Main Event that will take place from March 2 to the 6th.

Here are the top 2 teams from each region that managed to qualify for the Shanghai Major:

Americas: Archon Team Logo Dota2 Team Archon, CompLexity Team Logo Dota2 CompLexity

If there’s something we learned from watching the Americas Qualifier for the Shanghai Major is that this region’s Dota 2 competitive scene is growing steadily. The days of EG being the only strong team from this region might be over soon. This is due to new teams being formed by experienced eSport players from North America.

It wasn’t an easy region. Other teams like Digital Chaos, which was formed by the current TI champion Aui_2000, didn’t give the spot easily. The best resulting team in this Qualifier was Team Archon. This squad, made by the former Liquid captain Fluffnstuff, didn’t lose a single series. Nevertheless, the second qualified team: CompLexity didn’t look weak either. This team is made from former HoN players that still managed to win the finals against teams with more Dota 2 experience, like Digital Chaos. Both teams have a chance to become great competitors for the Shanghai Major and rest of the upcoming tournaments.

China: LGD Team Logo Dota2 LGD Gaming, Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee

The two teams with the most experience in the Chinese Qualifier were LGD Gaming and Newbee, so this result is not a surprise. Both teams managed to win all series against the other two young competitors: iG Vitality, which is the recently-formed youth squad from IG, and the even younger CDEC Avenger.

From these two teams, LGD Gaming seems more promising. Besides wining this qualifier, they have been performing really well against top teams like EG and Fnatic in other tournaments. Nevertheless, LGD still needs to prove that this patch isn’t going to affect their play, since many followers think that this patch isn’t going to be easy for LGD because their playstyle is not compatible. On the other hand, Newbee is still far away from what they were when they won Ti4, but at least they are still relevant to the competitive scene.  They didn’t look too strong in this qualifier. The fact that the youth teams were tough opponents for this squad proves it.

Europe: Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid, Team Spirit Logo Dota2 Team Spirit

Predicting the results for this region wouldn’t have been easy. After all, it featured lineups like Team Empire, Na’Vi, Vega and Team Liquid competing for two spots for the Shanghai Major. These are all huge names in Europe. Some of them were bigger in other times, but still this made this qualifier interesting. It was a surprise that one of the two qualified teams from this region wasn’t one of these big names.

Team Spirit, which was the former CIS Rejects, won against Vega and Empire to earn their spot in the Major. Even though they were in the same group with Empire and Na’Vi, they finished in first place. After that, they only lost their series against Liquid during the double elimination bracket.

Finally, there’s not need to say that Team Liquid looked great during this qualifier; they finished first in both the Group Stage and the Playoffs.  For good reasons, a lot of people couldn’t believe they didn’t get a direct invite to the Major. We might see them getting a direct invite in the future depending on their performance during the Main Event.

SEA: Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Fnatic, MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix

SEA teams get little opportunity to play against teams from the rest of the regions. This is one of the reasons why they tend to drop out of big tournaments pretty fast. For the Shanghai Major, the favorite SEA teams going to the qualifier were Fnatic, MVP Phoenix and Mineski. It would’ve been a surprise if any other team would’ve managed to qualify. The SEA scene still needs a lot more grow to be compared to the rest of the regions. These 3 teams are the only ones from this region that might manage to finish in the top 10.

As to the qualifier itself, Fnatic looked better than the rest of the teams. They didn’t drop a single game in the Playoffs, although they finished 2-2-0 in the Group Stage. Even MVP Phoenix couldn’t manage to win a single match against them in the Playoffs. Fnatic didn’t look good just before the new patch hit, but they are once again looking like the best team from SEA. Lately, Mineski had been stealing all the attention, but they haven’t been able to adapt to the new Meta; they couldn’t make it past the Group Stage. On the other hand, Koreans will be proud to see one of their Dota 2 teams making it to the Shanghai Major. After all, this will be the first Major to feature a Korean team.

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