The Shanghai Major Compendium: Winter Pass

Just like it happens with every Valve tournaments, a new compendium has been released for the upcoming Shanghai Major Tournament 2016. This time it’s cheaper and comes with the name of Winter Pass, and it includes some new features and advantages that we had never seen before in previous compendiums.

This Winter Pass acts as a series of advantages owners will unlock, like quests and longer replay expiration dates. It also includes the typical compendium that contains information about everything involving this tournament.  As always, you will need to collect points to level up your compendium and get unique rewards.

Winter Pass: Features and Rewards

Here are all the features you will unlock for only $7.99:

Compendium Battle Pass - Shanghai MajorThe first way to level up is by completing three quest paths that will also earn you unique rewards. You will need to complete quests according to each role in the game. Before each match you will have to choose the correct path for the role you’re going to play (support, carry or mid). You will get a quest depending on the stage of the chosen path you’re on. After completing all the quests form the same path, you will get a unique item set for a hero corresponding to that role (lich for support path, lina for mid path and Dragon Knight for carry path). Additionally, when enough people from the community complete a path, everybody that completed it will receive an upgrade of the set belonging to that path.

Another feature that remains from the Frankfurt Major compendium is the possibility of wagering. Each week you will have 1,000 coins available for wagering. If you win, you will earn double your wager in Battle Points. Additionally, you will be able to tip 50 coins to another player after the game is over.

Compendium Quest - Shanghai Major 2016

Just by owning this compendium you will unlock the following additional features:

  • New achievements for more Battle Level
  • Daily and weekly challenges for more rewards
  • New winter terrain
  • New creep models for winter
  • Replays for your matches will be available for three months instead of the usual 10 days
  • One free new treasure for owning a level 1 Winter Pass
  • The three-month trade restrictions are removed

On the other hand, as you level up, you will earn:Compendium Courier - Shanghai Major 2016

  • Four different new treasures
  • A new upgradeable courier
  • New frozen effigies with level effects
  • New winter themed wards
  • Taunts
  • In-game effects for Euls, Forcestaff, Blink Dagger, Teleport and Fountain Healing

You will be able to compare your progress with your friends with the new leaderboard for Battle Levels and Wager earnings.

Finally, the compendium itself contains information about the journeys of the qualified teams and a recap of every qualifier board. More information regarding the Group Stage and Playoffs will be available soon.

As the time for the Shanghai shortens, new ways of winning Battle Points will be unlocked via event predictions and more.

When compared to the Frankfurt Major compendium, this one certainly shows new original ways of keeping players entertained for a long time. The new three quest paths involve a lot of quests that will take a lot of games to complete. After all, having to complete the sometimes difficult objectives is not enough; you will need to win the game if you want to earn the quest rewards and to keep advancing in the same path.

This Winter Pass will expire the 30th of March, so you will need to start doing your quests as soon as possible if you want to earn lots of rewards.

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Written by: Christopher

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