TI7 Main Event Day 5 – Predicitions & Betting Tips

Only five teams remain for the fifth day of The International 2017. Four hail from China, who look to be too strong for their opposition this year. One could assume the winner is one of those teams. Team Liquid is the only remaining one that could still stop them. But their opponents are the hardest they have faced yet. Nonetheless Team Liquid seems to have stabilized and are on a good path after their two wins agains Team Empire and Virtus.pro yesterday. The games against Empire were exciting until the end, but Empire had to admit defeat and Liquid went up against VP in the next round. The first game was over 100 minutes long and a real slugfest because both teams had a lineup which was very well equipped to stop the push of the enemy and so no team managed to close out the game early. If a game reaches this length it is often decided by a mistake. And this happened once again when VP found themselves slightly out of position which Liquid immediately jumped upon the opportunity and they finished off the last remaining barracks of VP. This means mega creeps for Team Liquid and it is very hard to win against mega creeps as they just continually push down their lanes. VP went for a last, desperate push into Liquid's base which they successfully managed to defend even though they were some heroes down and thus Liquid won in the end. VP fired back and secured themselves game 2. In game 3, the final and decisive one, the players showed some nerves and Liquid managed to gain an advantage over time. VP had to admit defeat in the end and is thus eliminated from the tournament. The last game yesterday was OG against LGD Gaming. OG looked very dominant in their performance in the previous round against TNC and it looked like their mindset change worked. But LGD was the better teams and secured an advantage in both game 1 and 2 and closed out the series this way. So OG is also eliminated. Liquid is the only team left, which people thought of favorites before the tournament. Let's look at the game of today. First up is Invictus Gaming against LGD Gaming in the lower bracket. Then there is the extremely exciting and interesting upper bracket finale Newbee against LGD. Forever Young. Nobody managed to win a map against LFY on the main stage and Newbee is also looking extremely strong. The last game will be Team Liquid against the winner of the previous lower bracket game. Let's look at the games in more detail. If you are interested in wagering visit our TI 7 betting site.

Dota 2 Icon Predictions – TI7 Main Event Day 5 – Lower Bracket

LB round 4: Invictus Gaming Dota 2 Team Logo Invictus Gaming vs. LGD Gaming LGD Team Logo Dota2

August 11th, 2017: 10:00 AM PDT / 01:00 PM EDT / 19:00 CEST

The first game of the day will be Invictus Gaming against LGD Gaming. IG fell down to the lower bracket after their loss against Newbee in the upper bracket. Even though IG has lost that game, they managed to play far better than they have in weeks. The influence of the support player BoBoKa will be very deciding for IG. A lot of their wins are possible because of his play enabling IG to gain an advantage. But also the offlane player Xxs could do that. This, coupled with their influental and good decisions in the game could sway the series towards them. This was a staple of IG a few months ago, their timing pushes which opponents could hardly stop. They gained a lot of advantage this way which they rode to the win. Unfortunately this strategy hasn't really worked for IG in the past few weeks and only some hints of it were visible against Newbee. Nonetheless they are an extremely strong team. LGD Gaming on the other hand just deleted one of the favorites in OG from the tournament. While they looked a bit shaken against VP, they absolutely dominated OG. The difference between both games was that VP focused on shutting down LGD Gaming's mid player Somnus (earlier called Maybe) which allowed them to dominate LGD in the teamfights. OG didn't quite manage that feat and so they lost against the superior firepower of LGD. One of the keys to beating LGD is shutting down Somnus. Both Chinese teams will know each other quite well and IG is mostly aware of this. But the question is if they manage to do it so easily or if LGD is just too strong. These will be exciting games for sure. On paper LGD Gaming might be the close favorites, but I'm counting on an Invictus Gaming win.
Prediction: Invictus Gaming wins the match. Result: 2:1.

LB round 5: Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid vs. TBD

August 11th, 2017: 04:00 PM PDT / 07:00 PM EDT / 01:00 CEST (the next day)

Team Liquid will play in the last game of the day against the winner of LB round 4, so either Invictus Gaming or LGD Gaming. Liquid is starting to look a lot stronger and they managed to win both series of yesterday. One of the main strategies of Liquid is GH's Keeper of the Light which enables Liquid to do nigh unstoppable pushes quite early in the game. Both Empire and VP thought they could counter this strategy but they both were wrong. Their Chinese opponents on the other hand will be likely familiar with that strategy and will just ban out the Keeper of the Light. Nonetheless Liquid has some aces up their sleeves.

Against Invictus Gaming: Against IG it will be of importence to either disrupt BurNIng or Op. Both of these cores are very important for IG's success in the midgame. Atleast they have to prevent BoBoKa from gaining a huge advantage for IG. On the other side IG will most likely ban out Keeper of the Light, not wanting to face that strategy. In the game they will focus their efforts on shutting down Liquid's mid player Miracle- early in the game. And they have to keep in mind that Liquid is the only team who regurarly picks Broodmother, a hero which can completely take over the game if the opponent doesn't have an answer for it. Team Liquid is the slight favorite here if you look at the past games of Liquid which were all quite dominant.
Prediction: Team Liquid wins against Invictus Gaming. Result: 2:1.

Against LGD Gaming: In this matchup it will be very important for Liquid to stop LGD's mid player Somnus from getting out of control. If he finds enough gold on the map, there comes a point where he is just unstoppable. But Liquid also has a very dominant mid player in Miracle-. So both teams will try to shut down their opponents midlane. Also important for LGD is the afore mentionend Keeper of the Light ban, as I don't think they want to face that particular strategy. This encounter is very close and will likely be decided by the rotations and ganks of both support duos in GH and KuroKy or Victoria and Yao. It will be an exciting game.
Prediction: LGD Gaming wins against Team Liquid. Result: 2:1

Dota 2 Icon Predictions – TI7 Main Event Day 5 – Upper Bracket

UB Finale: Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee vs. LGD.Forever Young LGD Young Forever Team Logo Dota 2

August 11th, 2017: 01:00 PM PDT / 04:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CEST

The biggest game of the day is happening between the two lower bracket matchups. Newbee against LGD. Forever Young, both teams are looking extremely strong and the assumption the winner of TI7 is one of those two teams is not far. Newbee lost only one map on the main stage and LFY is unbeaten thus far. LFY managed to surprise both teams and fans alike with their performance as they looked very dominant in many games they played. It seems they almost don't care if their opponents are ahead in the early game because they tend to win all the important teamfights come midgame. It is truly a pleasure to watch this team play, as a lot of stuff is happening simultaneously on the map. While other teams often gank one hero, LFY has mastered the art of ganking multiple heroes across the map and always bringing the right number of heroes to whatever they want to achieve. LFY reminds me a bit of TI6 winner Wings Gaming, who were very similarly dominant in their run last year. LFY's rotation and teamfights are just on another level. They will go up against Newbee who also looked very dominant and good in their games. They lost one map against Invictus Gaming in the previous round, but that was more the fault of a wonky draft. Newbee brings extremely good coordination to the table and their opponents seem overwhelmed with the bandwidth of their decisions. Important for this team is the mid player Sccc, who is one of the best in the world in his role. There is no real favorite here and the game could develop very fast to one side or the other. LFY is slightly ahead against Newbee if you consider the past games.
Prediction: LGD.Forever Young wins the match. Result: 2:1.

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