TI7 Main Event Day 4 – Predicitions & Betting Tips

It is now the fourth day of the Dota 2 TI7 and we are now in a critical phase of the tournament. Even fewer teams remain at The International 2017 and today only three games await us. But these games are very interesting and, if you look at past days, are surely going to entertain us with exciting Dota. Especcially the games yesterday were nailbiters until the end and one can notice how much each team wants to win the Aegis. The first game yesterday was TNC Pro Team versus OG, the rematch of the biggest upset of TI6. OG managed to get their revenge this year and beat TNC convincingly over two games. OG seems to have found their footing after the group stages and the most important change for them was a change to their mindset according to their captain Fly. In his interview he revealed that they try to focus only on the game and not the tournament around it. Who their opponents are doesn't matter anymore for them, they feel like sharks waiting in the lower brackets for easy prey. TNC had to experience that first hand, but TNC didn't play badly. In game 1 they managed to accrue quite an advantage through successful rotations and skill. But even though they killed Ana's Invoker once early game, they didn't quite manage to stop him. Come midgame, Ana really dominated the teamfights and his networth advantage rose incredibly quick compared to the other players. He then proceeded to really show how much a farmed Invoker can influence a game. OG in general stopped the bleeding in midgame and really managed to pull themselves together and showed why they have 4 Major wins under their belt. Game 2 was decided relatively early in the game, due to an advantagous draft for OG. TNC showed signs of pressure and some attempts seemed almost desperate. This is a complete change in mindset and attitude compared to TI6. Then, TNC was completely unknown and could play without any pressure on them. This year there is a lot more of that on their shoulders and teams know them and are preparing strategies and counters to them. Nonetheless TNC Pro Team is a really good team, just one or two steps behind the biggest names in Dota 2. The next game was LGD Gaming against Digital Chaos. DC surprised everyone when they picked Abed's Meepo in the first game, but he was the only one to get farm on his team while all of LGD was pulling ahead. LGD managed to close out the game and finally the series. The first upper bracket match of the day was the all Chinese game between Invictus Gaming and Newbee. Especcially Newbee was considered a favorite to win TI7 in the eastern scene, because of their extraordinary coordination and drafting. IG had to experience that first hand and had to finally admit defeat in their first game. In game 2 IG managed to fire back and BurNIng did what he is known for: to farm. With his big networth advantage IG managed to stay alive and win the teamfights and finally also the game. The third game was incredibly exciting and IG had a slight advantage over most of the game but weren't able to successfully close it out and so Newbee managed to win 2:1 against Invictus Gaming. IG is not out of the tournament yet but finds themselves in the lower bracket. Newbee is the first team of the upper bracket finale.  The last game was LGD.Forever Young against Virtus.pro. The first real big test for LFY, who seemed absolutely unstoppable up until now. VP had a good start and managed to gain an advantage early game. But LFY once again showed they don't really care if an opponent is ahead because they will win all the important teamfights come midgame. This, coupled with their extremely good decision making allows them to come back again and again. And ah fu has once again shown us that Earth Spirit is a dominat hero in the right hands. He was instrumental in their victories and they send VP to the lower brackets. Nonetheless VP has shown why they are an extremely dangerous team. Let's move on to the games of today. There are three very exciting games, all in the lower bracket and which are decisive for the rest of the tournament. If you are interested in wagering visit our TI 7 betting site.

Dota 2 Icon Predictions – TI7 Main Event Day 4 – Lower Bracket

LB round 3 game #1: Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid vs. Team Empire Team Empire Logo Dota2

August 10th, 2017: 10:00 AM PDT / 01:00 PM EDT / 19:00 CEST

The start is the first game of the lower bracket round 3: Team Liquid against Team Empire. Both teams are surprises. For one, not a lot of people would have expected to see Team Liquid in the lower bracket and for the other not a lot of people would have expected to see Team Empire this far in the tournament. Team Empire has shown immense growth the past few days and they seem to be a very dangerous team all of a sudden. They managed to beat EG convincingly in the paast round and it is really impressive how much they gel with Resolut1on added to their team. Also their mid player fn seems to come through more often as he gets more comfortable with being on stage. It will be interesting to see if they manage to continue their winning streak against Team Liquid. Team Liquid seemed really strong in their match against Team Secret, after the first game. But if you consider that Liquid sometimes picks disadvantageous heroes they could find themselves backed into a corner against Team Empire. Nonetheless Team Liquid are the favorites, but this TI has shown time and time again that this role is not really an advantage. The big advantage for Team Empire is they have far exceeded their expectations and can play without any real pressure from outside. Liquid on the other hand seems to feel that pressure, one could see it on their faces against Secret. A lot will depend on the performance of Miracle-, mid player of Liquid. If he gets to play his game, Liquid will survive this round.
Prediction: Team Liquid wins the match. Result: 2:1.

LB round 3 game #2: OG RedBull Dota2 Logo Esports OG vs. LGD Gaming LGD Team Logo Dota2

August 10th, 2017: 01:00 PM PDT / 04:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CEST

Next up is OG against LGD Gaming. OG seems to be on top of their game and everyone can see that they enjoy themselves much more while playing. For a real chance in the grand finale they have to win 4 more matchups, so the road is still long. LGD Gaming is the first hurdle to take. But if you look at their games against TNC Pro Team, this is OG in prime form. They favour strategies with heroes, who can combine their abilites in different ways giving them a lot of flexibility to confuse their opponents and also they are able to react very fast to what is happening in the game. This makes OG a very dangerous opponent. LGD Gaming also managed to convince in their game against Digital Chaos and will be now doing their best to not be the second Chinese team to exit the tournament. They have good chances to beat OG. Their combination of individual brilliance and smart rotations and decisions could pose a lot of problems for OG. Nonetheless OG is the slight favorite in this match.
Prediction: OG wins the match. Result: 2:0.

LB round 4 game #1: Virtus Pro Team Logo Dota 2 Virtus.pro vs. winner of LB round 3 game #1

August 10th, 2017: 04:00 PM PDT / 07:00 PM EDT / 01:00 CEST (the next day)

The last game of the day will feature Virtus.pro against the winner of the first match today. Virtus.pro is one of the strongest remaining teams in this tournament and they have shown that yesterday as well, even through their two losses. They play extremely fast and aggressive and bring a lot of chaos into the ranks of their opponents. Also each player can shine on their own. They will either play Team Liquid or Team Empire.

Against Team Liquid: In this game VP is the slight favorite, as it seems plausible that Team Liquid is not really ready against their aggression. Team Secret had a similar aggressive strategy in their game 1 and Team Liquid had a lot of problems because of that. VP is the undisputed king of these strategies and will pose even bigger problems for Liquid. Nonetheless Liquid has good chances to come out ahead if they survive the early game and manage to get into the midgame without a big disadvantage. Starting from this point, the aggression seems to lose a bit of effectiveness as teams tend to play and move as a group.
Prediction: Virtus.pro wins against Team Liquid. Result: 2:1.

Against Team Empire: Two teams meet here that know each other very well as they are both from the CIS region. VP could be surprised by Team Empire's success and also see how influental Reslut1on has become for Empire. This is a matchups that has not happened for a long time on a big stage. At that time the roles were reversed and Team Empire went into this match as favourites. A lot has happened since then and the CIS region experienced some lows. VP's success rejuvenated the scene and they are leading the new charge of top CIS teams. Team Empire will play their hearts out to eliminate their fellow countrymen from the tournament. They seem to like their underdog role. This game could be extremely close but promises a lot of entertaining Dota.
Prediction: Team Empire wins against Virtus.pro. Result: 2:1.

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