TI7 Main Event Day 3 – Predicitions & Betting Tips

Four days remain until we get to find out the winner of The International 2017 in Dota 2 but first is the third day of the main event. Yesterday was an incredible joy to watch. LGD.Forever Young was able to once again prove their dominance as they beat TNC Pro Team 2:0. But the result is only telling half of the story, TNC managed to keep up with LFY but in the end their teamfights weren't as good and LFY closed out the series. The first surprise of the day happened in the following series of LGD Gaming against Virtus.pro. LGD Gaming looked extremely strong in the group stage, but had to admit defeat against Virtus.pro yesterday. Especcially the second game was very interesting because we got to see a strategy which hasn't been used in a long time and of which many people said that it wouldn't work this patch. But LGD Gaming seemed overwhelmed by the aggression put out by the team from the CIS region and so VP managed to win the series 2:0. TNC Pro Team and LGD Gaming are not out of the tournament yet, but their road just got increasingly harder as they have to venture through the lower bracket now. In the elimination games of the lower bracket yesterday we first saw very emotional moments when Team Liquid lost their first map against Team Secret because of a wonky draft. The pressure and stress was very visible on the faces of Liquid's players. But against all odds they managed to prevail and through a very intense display of skill managed to beat Team Secret over the course of two following maps and finally eliminating Team Secret from TI. The biggest surprise was awaiting us in the last game: Evil Geniuses against Team Empire. EG was one of the favorites to win the whole tournament beforehand, but even though they had a successful group stage, they found themselves in the lower bracket after one round. Team Empire on the other hand seems to come together with their replacement player Resolut1on. In two very impressive and close games they managed to beat EG in the end. Even though EG had the better early game and had an advantage going into the mid game, they couldn't weather the storm put out by Empire and had to admit defeat. EG is thus eliminated from the tournament. But let's have a look at today. There are 4 exciting matchups waiting for us. If you are interested in wagering visit our site for betting on TI 7.

Dota 2 Icon Predictions – TI7 Main Event Day 3 – Lower Bracket

LB game #1: TNC Pro Team Dota 2 eSports Logo TNC Pro Team vs. OG OG RedBull Dota2 Logo Esports

August 9th, 2017: 10:00 AM PDT / 01:00 PM EDT / 19:00 CEST

Today there is a small switch and the games of the lower and upper bracket are switched. This means the teams from the lower bracket will play first today, before we get to the games of the upper bracket. The day is starting with an intense match between TNC Pro Team and OG. If we think back to TI6, the same matchup happened there too. And it was also an elimination match. This match wrote Dota 2 history, as TNC came back from a huge disadvantage to defeat OG. It was the biggest comeback of The International history. This year the same matchup under the same conditions is happening again. Both teams had a few changes to their lineup in the meantime. TNC will play their hearts out to be once again the team that eliminates OG from a tournament. OG was one of the favorites going into TI with four Major wins under the belt, but in the group stage they didn't seem to find their form and their play was wonky. They looked much better in their first round elimination match against Infamous. TNC had to admit defeat against LFY yesterday, but they will take much away from their match as they didn't make too many mistakes just LFY's teamplay is on a whole other level. Same as last year, OG is going into this match as the favorites. A role welcomed by TNC, as they seem to feel more comfortable playing as the underdogs. But if you look at only TI7, the roles might just switch and OG is going in as the underdogs. It is a very close matchup between those two.
Prediction: OG wins the match. Result: 1:2.

LB game #2: LGD Team Logo Dota2 LGD Gaming vs. Digital Chaos Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo

August 9th, 2017: 01:00 PM PDT / 04:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CEST

The second lower bracket game of the day is LGD Gaming against Digital Chaos. LGD Gaming finds themselves as the second Chinese team in the lower bracket and are playing against the last remaining team from NA. The favorite is clearly LGD Gaming, especcially if you look at the group stage. But Digital Chaos seems to come together and they managed to beat Cloud9 in the last round. While their group stage was not that successful, they showed much resilience and managed to prevent Cloud9 from closing out the game, even though they had an advantage. DC will look to repeat their run from last year, this time with a completely new roster. Nonetheless, LGD is the favorite.
Prediction: LGD Gaming wins the match. Result: 2:0.

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Dota 2 Icon Predictions – TI7 Main Event Day 3 – Upper Bracket

UB Semifinals #1: Invictus Gaming Dota 2 Team Logo Invictus Gaming vs. Newbee Newbee Team Logo Dota2

August 9th, 2017: 04:00 PM PDT / 07:00 PM EDT / 01:00 CEST (the next day)

And now for the upper brackets matches. Two Chinese teams are up at the start with Invictus Gaming going up against Newbee. Invictus Gaming managed to surprise everyone with their dominant win against Team Liquid. Liquid selected their opponents themselves for the first round in the upper bracket, thinking they would be the weakest team. Imagine the look on their faces when IG came in swinging and dominated them ingame. All those questions about being a team from a past patch seem to have vanished with that performance. Especcially the third game was a show of skill, teamplay and strategy as they opened up the map with many ganks and successful rotations. Many fans would like to see Dota 2 legend BurNIng hoist the Aegis at the end, as he is beloved and respected by fans all over the world. But first they have to defeat Newbee in the upper bracket semifinals. They managed to beat EG very comfortably with 2:0 in the last round, and played a really good game 2 as they managed to neutralise the opponent's enigma. Their teamplay created a lot of problems for the North Americans and it will be interesting to see how IG will adapt to that. Newbee might be the favorite on paper, but the win against Team Liquid could really catapult Invictus Gaming to a new level of play.
Prediction: Invictus Gaming wins the match. Result: 2:1.

UB Semifinals #2: LGD Young Forever Team Logo Dota 2 LGD.Forever Young vs. Virtus.pro Virtus Pro Team Logo Dota 2

August 9th, 2017: 05:00 PM PDT / 08:00 PM EDT / 02:00 CEST (the next day)

In the last game of the day another Chinese team is represented, this time they are going up against an opponent from the CIS. LGD.Forever Young against Virtus.pro. After all we've seen it comes as no surprise that LFY showed the strongest performance of all teams in TI7. No matter the strategy they seem comfortable with nearly everything. And if they fall behind in the early game, they manage to completely level the difference by clever rotations and ganks. Very important for their game is their support player ah fu. If he has got a good game on his hands and manages to gain an advantage for LFY, they are surely the strongest team. It is incredibly hard to wrestle that advantage from them and they often manage to close out the game. Everything looks very fluid, very coordinated and the teams seems to completely be on one page. Virtus.pro on the other hand also showed their dominance against the big sister team of LFY: LGD Gaming. It seems a lot of teams have problems with the aggression of VP and they often bring complete chaos into the games. They use that chaos often to close out the game. It will be an incredible match and if LFY beats VP they are the biggest favorites to win TI7.
Prediction: LGD.Forever Young wins the match. Result: 2:1.

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