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Welcome to the last day of The International 2017 this year. Today will be decided who wins and gets to take the Aegis home. Three teams remain for the final day and each team has chances to win the championship. Yesterday we had to bid farewell to Invictus Gaming after they've been beaten by LGD Gaming 2:0. IG didn't manage to convince and seemed lost at times. A problem that has already surfaced in their group stage games and previous main event games. It seems not everyone is on the same page concerning tactics. They've been filmed for a minute or two after their game 1 loss and one could see the heated discussion they had within their team. This is not the ideal start to a game 2. LGD Gaming managed to dominate again and it seems Invictus Gaming didn't learn a whole lot from the game LGD Gaming versus Virtus.pro. VP won twice against LGD, each time focusing their efforts on disrupting LGDs mid player Somnus and not letting him have a good game. IG tried a different approach. They wanted to just farm more gold and experience than LGD. This plan didn't come to fruiton and they were eliminated from the tournament. LGD Gaming met Team Liquid later, the only remaining team not from China. Accordingly big was the support of the fans in the KeyArena in Seattle. Game 1 was a very close affair until Miracle- Morphling was really farmed and from that point on forward he dominated the teamfights. LGD had nothing to go up against it and called game 1 a defeat. But Liquid didn't relent and they ran over LGD in the second with a “cheesy” strategy. Praises to Liquids captain and drafter KuroKy, who knew exactly how he could break LGD and which he heroes he had to choose for that task. A really impressive performance from Team Liquid as LGD looked almost lost against them. The biggest game of yesteray, the upper bracket final between Newbee and LGD.Forever Young was played between the best Chinese teams at the moment. They played for a direct entry to the grand finals. This was a really intense series, definitely worth watching. One could see why those two are the best teams in the world at the moment and Dota on this level has not been seen in quite some time. It was also refreshing to see how much respect those two teams have for each other. Game 1 was won by Newbee after almost an hour of game time. In game 2 LFY managed to fire back and secured their win. With the series tied game 3 was the deciding one in which Newbee gained a small advantage early and managed to use it well to win in the end. Newbee is now the first team of the grand finals, the second team will be determined by the outcome of Team Liquid and LFY.  If you are interested in wagering visit our TI 7 betting site.

Dota 2 Icon Predictions – TI7 Main Event Day 6 – Lower Bracket Finals

LB finals: Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid vs. LGD.Forever Young LGD Young Forever Team Logo Dota 2

August 12th, 2017: 10:00 AM PDT / 01:00 PM EDT / 19:00 CEST

The first match of the day is already an insanely good matchup between Team Liquid and LGD.Forever Young. In this game LFY is the favorite, but if you look at the run of Liquid this assumption begins to falter. Not only were they incredibly dominant against LGD Gaming, they also managed to best Virtus.pro, Team Empire and Team Secret. Nonetheless it will be harder to outdraft LFY for Liquids captain and drafter KuroKy. LFY is very versatile in their strategy and they are not afraid to pick unconventional heroes. Or play them in an unconventional way. As they are the last European hope, the fans will side with Team Liquid. And it is very dangerous for any team to go up against an opponent, who has been on a winning streak through the lower brackets and is getting used to the feeling. Maybe not so much for LFY as they seem comfortable in a multitude of situations. LFY is going to show their team fight prowess once again and Liquid has to be very careful not to slip behind and suffer a huge disadvantage. Apart from Newbee LFY is the best team in team fights and they don't really care if their opponent is ahead in the early game. A really exciting match is awaiting us and LFY is the slight favorite. But if Liquid manages to play their game with their own strategy, this is going to be blown wide open and both teams could win.
Prediction: LGD.Forever Young wins the match. Result: 1:2.

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Dota 2 Icon Predictions – TI7 Main Event Day 6 – Grand Finals

Grand Finals: Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee vs. TBD

August 12th, 2017: 03:00 PM PDT / 06:00 PM EDT / 00:00 CEST

Newbee is awaiting their opponents patiently. I think they would rather face LGD.Forever Young as these teams know each other very will and know a lot about their play styles and strategies. Team Liquid would be the lesser known opponent and they could face some problems, especcially if they come into the game with a win in the lower brackets finals at their back. A really important match, not only to find out who is the best team in Dota at the moment. No, there is much more riding on this game. If Newbee wins, they are the first organisation to win TI twice. Faith, support player of Newbee would also be the first player to win two TIs. And most importantly, the TI curse would be broken. Up to this point the winner was rotating between China and the rest of the world. This means one year wins a team from China, the next from the rest of the world, then China, … and last years winner were Wings Gaming, a Chinese team. Judging from the curse, Team Liquid should manage to win TI7. But Newbee doesn't look like they are much about some hypothetical curse. Who they are playing is decided by the lower bracket finals between Team Liquid and LGD. Forever Young. The grand finals will be played in a best-of-five format.

Against Team Liquid: Newbee against Team Liquid would be a looker. Both teams have a blue and black team logo which would look very nice in the underwater theme TI7 has going on. But jokes aside, Newbee has definitely prepared strategies and counters for Liquid, especcially after their dominating win against LGD Gaming yesterday. Liquid looked really dominant, a state which they have kept up all the way. In addition they just managed to beat LFY who looked like the tournament winners over a lot of the games they played. Nonetheless this will be a really hard match for both of these teams. Liquid has the big advantage in their support player GH which exceels at three heroes. That means their opponents have to ban two and GH can still get one of his heroes. And when he does, he can completely enable Liquid to win the match. An Newbee will of course know of Liquids tendency to pick Broodmother, a hero which can completely take over the game if she is not countered by specific heroes with good waveclear. But Newbee has shown time and time again that they are comfortable in nearly every situation you can throw at them. They are known as the most patient team in China and they seem to just know the perfect timing for their decisions. Newbee is going into this game as favorites but Team Liquid has chances to win TI7. It will be an exciting game.
Prediction: Newbee wins The International 2017. Result: 3:1.

Against LGD.Forever Young: LFY will go into this match seeking revenge for their loss in the upper bracket finals yesterday, as Newbee was the first team on the main stage to defeat LFY to put them in the lower bracket. A completely new and unknown situation for LFY, who have looked aboslutely dominating up to this point. In their game yesteray Newbee managed to stay ahead, but you'll be hard pressed to really find a favorite here. Both teams are playing extremely well. This, coupled with the fact that these teams know each other very well and know what to expect should promise very exciting games. But it is important for the TI7 grand finals to also be able to handle surprises and LFY is a bit ahead in this regard. They can play a lot of different heroes in a lot of different combinations, leading to confusion for their opponents. Newbee on the other just seems to know the perfect timing of everything. LFY is one of the best teams with regards to teamfights, as their coordination seeks its equal amongst the TI7 teams. Nonetheless Newbee played very well against that fact, only taking team fights in which they had an advantage. This will be an incredibly close game which is likely to go the full length. Newbee's success will also depend on mid player Sccc and how well he finds his game. Or how much LFY can pressure him. This player has the ability to take over the game. No matter how you look at it, this is going to be a fantastic grand final which will be exciting till the end.
Prediction: Newbee wins The International 2017. Result: 3:2.

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