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This TI6 tournament has been one of the most exciting we have ever seen. This Meta has allowed a high place for the teams that are best at teamfighting and aggressive playing. Wings Gaming, Digital Chaos and Evil Geniuses are the only 3 remaining teams, and we already know that these 3 competitors will show us even better Dota today. We’ve already seen probably the best comeback ever coming from Evil Geniuses, and a Pudge + Techies draft with Wings Gaming. This will most certainly be an amazing final for all Dota 2 followers.

Besides all these good games, Valve has also showed two new heroes we will see in the upcoming months. This will keep bringing diversity to a game that is still growing a lot. This tournament has turned into a flag that is announcing the evolution of eSports into something much more relevant to the rest of the world. It is thanks to Valve and Icefrog that we might see eSports become something more important that will give a twist to the traditional sports. We can all prepare for a bright future full with amazing competitive games and unforgettable moments we will keep witnessing from now on.

This last day will be really important for all the future of eSports. These games will probably be remembered for a long time and will bring more attention to Dota 2 and the Dota 2 esports betting scene. So if you can, stay tune to witness this final day where the only 3 best will play and give us amazing Dota.

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Predictions & betting tips – TI6 Main Event Day 6 – Lower Bracket Final

The International 2016 Finals Digital Chaos vs Evil GeniusesMain Event | Day 6:  Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 EG vs. Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo Digital Chaos

Start Time: August 13th, 10:30 AM PDT  / 13:30 PM EDT  / 19:30 CEST

Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo

Digital Chaos managed to get a pretty convincing win against the last SEA team remaining. They’ve been playing for a while now in the Lower Bracket, but have survived enough time to secure a top 3 place. This is a huge achievement that no one foresaw coming, but it doesn’t look like they will want to stop here. This team didn’t have to deal with the best teams in the LB until they defeated EHOME flawlessly, so they’ve already erased all doubts of what they’re able to achieve. A huge plus for them is that the teams that had to fight them probably never prepared for this level of game they’re showing. However, this advantage might have come to an end now that they’re going to face one of the teams that know them the most.

Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2

Evil Geniuses managed to assemble a really similar team compared to last year’s TI. It has been working great and now they’ve secured once again the third place. This makes it 3 years in row getting at least to top 3. Also, things are really similar to Ti5, when they faced an unknown Chinese team –CDEC– that dropped them to LB just before the Grand finals, but then still managed to get to the finals and won without much trouble. Right now they will have to face a team that they’re used to beat in their region. Losing to Wings yesterday was probably due to not knowing that team very well, as they got heavily outdrafted. This is something that we don’t see that will happen against DC.

Prediction: EG Wins. DC is playing really well, and it’s probable that they would be able to beat any other team with less problems than against EG. The thing is that Evil Geniuses knows them too well, and they also have more experience playing together. This is what we believe will give the advantage to EG. It’s going to be really hard for DC to beat their regional counterparts in this kind of scenario.

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Grand Finals | Who Will Win The International 2016?

The final day of The International 2016 has arrived, and there’s only three teams that could get this year’s Aegis of Immortal. DC has played an amazing tournament. For a team that was formed out of a crisis that almost left them without one player, these results are surely more than what they expected. They’ve been very humble about their wins, and this is something that surely helped them getting to this point. Still, we must say that they are looking like the team with the least chances of winning the tournament. They will need to beat the current Aegis holders, which happens to be the team they’ve played against the most without much success. However, EG should be careful when playing against them; if they focus too much on defeating Wings they might find a surprise when facing DC

Regarding Wings Gaming, these finalists are looking super strong right now. What it seems to help them the most is that these players are really good at a lot of heroes that are really useful in this Meta. But more importantly, what has taken them thus far is their genius drafting against the best teams. Even if EG gets to the final, PPD will need to figure them out fast, which it seems like something really difficult to do because the Chinese haven’t played two games the same way. They are really versatile and are the best team in this tournament when it comes to countering their opponents.

This is why, for us, Wings Gaming will take the Aegis today. We’re looking forward to see a final EG vs. Wings just to see the current champions defend their Aegis. Either one of the possible results will be a please to watch: we would see for the first time either the champions from last year pass the Aegis to a new winner, or see the same team win for the first time two International tournaments –and also two times in a row. This is why this is the most important days for tuning in, and certainly the most interesting if you want to predict the winner.

Still, it really doesn’t matter who ends up winning this, we’ve already seen amazing Dota, and we know that the winner of this will deserve it entirely. These 3 teams have already proved it. Let’s just see now and enjoy how things turn out.

You know who will win?

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