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TI6 - The International 2016 Dota2 LogoAfter a day 4 of The International 2016 that took away other two favorites –Liquid and EHOME– we can again say that this International isn’t at all what we all pictured in our head. When it looked like EHOME would take the entire TI6 tournament, they lose two series in a row and drop out. And when we thought Liquid was getting back to their best form, Fnatic also got theirs, so now we will see a battle between the most important SEA teams: Fnatic and MVP Phoenix. The dream many have of seeing a full SEA final is over, but it is still going to be a really important result for a region that no one considered relevant just a few months ago.

Digital Chaos has also become an incredibly strong team, and now many are dreaming for an American final between EG and DC, but there are still many tough matches to ahead before we see that. Right now we can say that DC has the ability of winning over any other team left; they’ve earned a spot in the hall of fame after getting thus far and defeating such a scary opponent like EHOME.

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Predictions & betting tips – TI6 Main Event Day 5 – Lower Bracket

Main Event | Day 5: MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix vs. Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Fnatic

Start Time: August 12th, 10:30 AM PDT  / 13:30 PM EDT  / 19:30 CEST

MVP Phoenix dropped to the Lower Bracket because they were stubborn about using the same heroes Wings gaming knew how to handle. Odds are that they aren’t going to make the same mistake again. They are now going to face an opponent that knows them too well, as they’ve played a lot against Fnatic. There was a time where these two teams were playing a lot of tournament finals, and MVP Phoenix didn’t get the best results. And even though MVP Phoenix got better results internationally, Fnatic has always been the stronger in their region.

That’s one of the reasons why Valve surely considered Fnatic between the best candidates to get a direct invite, but this year’s limitations of invites gave the last spot to Na’Vi. Still, they didn’t perform like we expected them to do until they faced Liquid. Now these guys seem like the Fnatic we know, and if they’re truly the same they will not have any problem beating MVP Phoenix. Fnatic is used to dominate SEA tournaments, and has won almost every final against MVP Phoenix.

Prediction: 2-0 Fnatic. Seeing the history these two teams have, we can say that Fnatic has higher odds of winning this. These two squads have faced each other in many finals in their region, and for some reason Fnatic usually comes out on top. We’ve seen that the way to win against MVP Phoenix is knowing their heroes well and countering them, which is something Fnatic has done a lot in the past.

Predictions & betting tips – TI6 Main Event Day 5 – UPPER Bracket

Main Event | Day 5: Team Wings Dota 2 Logo Wings Gaming vs. Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 EG

Start Time: August 12th, 13:30 PM PDT  / 16:30 PM EDT  / 22:30 CEST

These two teams have some interesting things in common. They both like to play around their enemies’ strongest rather than ban them. This doesn’t always work well, but these two teams are the best at it. The last example was how Wings Gaming let QO from MVP Phoenix pick his signature Phantom Assassin in both games, and outdrafted them twice. This is the main reason MVP couldn’t secure a single game. However, EG’s captain is another expert at this, and this is not something they will fall for. This will be a really interesting match starting from the draft stage. This victory will go for the team that pulls the better draft most likely.

This is a really hard match to predict. Evil Geniuses, the defending champions, have a long history of dropping to the Lower Bracket after the Upper Bracket final. This doesn’t mean it will always happen, but the truth is that it has almost always happened. For this match, we’d say that EG doesn’t know Wings Gaming too much. The Chinese lineup has barely played outside of China before, even though they have been getting great results in their region for a couple of months.

It’s probable that Wings Gaming prepared a lot to face EG at some point in the tournament, since they are defending the title and were probably going to finish in a good position. On the other hand, EG was probably more worried about teams like Liquid, OG and Newbee and might have forgotten about an underground team like Wings.

Prediction: 2-0 Wings Gaming. The result of this game, as we already said, will weigh heavily on the draft stage. These two teams are very good at countering others, but the truth is that all these players play a lot of heroes, and they don’t usually pick the same heroes over and over again like MVP Phoenix tried in his game against Wings. However, it’s probable that Wings prepared better for this match. It will be without any doubt one of the best matches of The International 2016, but EG might be playing with a slight disadvantage.

You know who will win?

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