TI6 Main Event Day 3 – Predictions & Betting Tips

TI6 - The International 2016 Dota2 LogoDay 2 was surprisingly the end of OG’s dream of becoming champions of The International 2016. It was highly unlikely that it would happen against a team like TnC, which is a fairly new team with only one veteran in their lines. Still it seems like OG wasn’t able to play at their best, as they couldn’t even handle a single game. It didn’t matter that they finished first in their group, OG couldn’t win over a Lower Bracket team from Group B.

This tells us that The International 2016 is not like other tournaments, even when compared to Majors. The dominating teams change drastically in this kind of scenario. It might be because of other teams preparing especially to beat the strongest at the moment or just the pressure to perform well, but the truth is that every Ti we see the dominating teams fall under the hands of new and unknowns squads.

For day 3 we will have matchups that don’t involve any particularly unknown team, so there shouldn’t be big surprises here. We know that everything could happen and anything is likely to happen, so let’s see now how day 3 might end:

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Predictions & betting tips – TI6 Main Event Day 3 – Lower Bracket

Main Event | Day 3: Alliance Team Logo Dota 2 Alliance vs. Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Fnatic

Start Time: August 10th, 10:30 AM PDT  / 13:30 PM EDT  / 19:30 CEST

Alliance was one of the teams that were barely able to get to the Upper Bracket. This was all thanks to a 2-0 in their last game against EG, a team that was already qualified and that are from the same organization. This means that we can’t give Alliance the entire credit for winning this game; after all, they played against a team that did not have enough motivation to win this series. The EG that beat Newbee 2-0 yesterday isn’t the same that got dominated by Alliance.

On the other hand, Fnatic didn’t even manage to secure one of the four spots in the Upper Bracket. They were a favorited team before coming to Seattle, but they began to fall off since the Regionals. Still they were just one game away from going to tiebreakers to define the last Upper Bracket spot, and that was in a harder group than Alliance.

Prediction: 2-1 Fnatic. It would be a real disappointment if Fnatic weren’t able to handle Alliance. It’s true that they are already underperforming, but Mushi’s squad is capable and should win this.

Main Event | Day 3: Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid

Start Time: August 10th, 13:30 AM PDT  / 16:30 PM EDT  / 22:30 CEST

Newbee vs. Team Liquid is a match that we expected to see at a semifinal at the very least. Instead they will clash on the second round of the Lower Bracket. This is a big surprise and it’s a shame that we will need to say goodbye to one of these two so soon. Sadly, both have had a hard time beating a bunch of teams that have prepared specifically to fight them and that got a huge pool of heroes they are comfortably with thanks to the good balance there is in this patch.

Of the two teams, Newbee seemed to perform better, and the fact that they did get to Upper Bracket after being in the same group makes it easier to defend this statement. They still got dominated by EG, but let’s not forget that these are the current Aegis holder, so they didn’t loss to a weak foe.

Prediction: 2-1 Newbee. This game should be a really close one. Both teams have been fighting each other for a long time and they’re always pretty tight matches. They know each other very well and are prepared to face each other regardless of the results they’ve been having in the tournament. Still, Newbee has shown better preparation to face this tournament, so they have the highest chances of making it.

You know who will win?

Predictions & betting tips – TI6 Main Event Day 2 – UPPER Bracket

Main Event | Day 3: MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix vs. Team Wings Dota 2 Logo Wings Gaming

Start Time: August 10th, 16:30 AM PDT  / 19:30 PM EDT  / 01:30 CEST (next day) 

MVP Phoenix performed a lot better during their first game in the Upper Bracket than throughout the Group Stage, where they made it to the top 4 with only one more point than 3 other teams. That’s an incredibly close result, but they did manage to win against the favorite OG in the UB. Still, there’s a lot of talk about OG underperforming a little bit compared to their usual level, so it had also something to do with OG not paying as well as ever.

Wings Gaming, even though they won 2-1 against DC, they were more convincing. The second game they lost was due to a crazy Pudge + Techies draft that didn’t seem like a real attempt at winning the game. On game 3 they drafted normally and won without any trouble. Still, we must take into account that Wings got outdrafted in the three games. They just executed much better than DC, and this is the scary thing about them. DC finished second in the hardest group and still couldn’t handle them even though they tried as hard as they could.

Prediction: 2-1 Wings. The Chinese team is a really scary one that reminds us of CDEC during Ti5. It’s the kind of team that does a lot of crazy and unpredictable things that end up winning them games. MVP Phoenix isn’t scared of playing their ultra-aggressive game, as they are pretty much alike. But still, we will give Wings the win since the won a lot more games during the Group Stage and defeated DC too easily.

Main Event | Day 3: EHOME Team Logo Dota 2 EHOME vs. Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 EG

Start Time: August 10th, 19:30 AM PDT  / 22:30 PM EDT  / 04:30 CEST (next day)

Each day we are more convinced that EHOME was preparing this whole time to win this Ti instead of worrying about the rest of the tournaments. This is something some teams do, and it has worked well before. This was the case of Newbee when they won Ti4, but even then they had a much harder time than EHOME up to this point. They have lost only 2 games during the entire tournament, which is resemblance of Alliance’s almost perfect run in Ti3.

Evil Geniuses were having a bad time before coming here. They suffered a last-minute roster change and since then they’ve been struggling. But that seems to have come to an end as soon as they got to Seattle. A combination of a huge hero pool available for their multiple talents and PPD’s drafting is making them look like they’re coming back to their former glory.

Prediction: 2-1 EHOME. Even though EG is starting to play a lot  better, questions about EHOME’s ability were forgotten after their impressive run in the Group Stage. This makes them a lot more likely to win the match.

You know who will win?

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