TI6 Main Event Day 1 – Predictions & Betting Tips

TI6 - The International 2016 Dota2 LogoThe Group Stage of the International 2016 revealed lots of changes that are happening in the competitive scene. There are some established teams that aren’t looking so well for this tournament, while some underdogs are showing a much stronger game.

As incredibly as it sounds DC and EHOME managed to dominate their group, even though Newbee and Liquid were also there. Liquid didn’t manage to get to the Upper Bracket, and Newbee barely made it. Instead we now have more unknown teams in the winner bracket, like Wings Gaming. This is already changing the perspective of things, and people are starting to think EHOME will win Ti6 due to their incredible dominance over the rest of the teams. That’s really good for a Wild Card team.

Now everything is ready to let the TI6 Main Event start. Right now the first day already looks really difficult to predict, so let’s start and see how we do.

TI6 Main Event Predictions and betting tips:
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Predictions & betting tips – TI6 Main Event Day 1 – UPPER Bracket

Main Event | Day 1: OG Dota 2 Team Logo OG vs. MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix

Start Time: August 8th, 10:30 AM PDT  / 13:30 PM EDT  / 19:30 CEST

Between the 3 biggest competitors, OG was the one to complete most of the expectatives. After all, they won two Major tournaments and are now looking to claim the ultimate prize: the Ti6 Aegis of the Immortal. OG did have some bad games, but they never lost 0-2, just like EHOME and DC (although EHOME and DC’s group was arguably stronger). This puts them in a really good position to reach the finals of the tournament.

MVP Phoenix wasn’t able to completely dominate any matchup during the groups. They lost at least one game against each of their enemies, but still managed to get to the Upper Bracket. They have certainly looked better before, but this might be due to teams preparing to fight them, since they were one of the four teams to get a direct invite.

Prediction: 2-0 OG showed really strong play during the Group Stage while MVP Phoenix lacked a lot of consistency. The Europeans were able to turn around games that were completely lost thanks to their excellent discipline and being able to capitalize on every little mistake. The Koreans, on the other hand, are commonly known for not finishing games when they should. This is something that OG will not forgive, and it’s probably why they won’t have too many troubles winning this series.

Main Event | Day 1: Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo Digital Chaos vs. Team Wings Dota 2 Logo Wings Gaming

Start Time: August 8th, 13:30 AM PDT  / 16:30 PM EDT  / 22:30 CEST

Wings Gaming was one of our favorites going to the Group Stage. They were the closest team to almost win an easy 2-0 against OG, but their lack of organization allowed OG to comeback from what seemed like a lost game. This shows why Wings Gaming is the dominating team in their region (at least until this new EHOME was revealed), but also proves that they need to fix some important flaws.

DC is another big surprise in this International. They finished second of their group even though they were the last American team to qualify in the Regionals. Their performance took everybody else by surprise, and that is probably the main reason why their winning a lot. There is nothing more these guys can prove right now. There is not much we can predict about them, since they don’t look as good on paper, but they are getting the results they need.

Prediction: 2-1 Wings Gaming. Even though DC is looking really strong, Wings Gaming has been promising a lot for a while now. Their series against OG during the Group Stage was too scary to even let two loses against TnC and Na’Vi change our opinion on them. Still, be aware: Wings Gaming isn’t the most consistent team of the two (at least they weren’t during the first stage of the tournament).

You know who will win?

Predictions & betting tips – TI6 Main Event Day 1 – LOWER Bracket

Main Event | Day 1: TnC Gaming Team Dota2 Logo TnC Gaming vs. Vici Gaming Reborn Dota 2 Team Logo Vici Gaming Reborn

Start Time: August 8th, 16:30 AM PDT  / 19:30 PM EDT  / 01:30 CEST (next day) 

TnC was a big surprise since they were unknown but managed to finish first in the SEA qualifier. They generated a lot of questions coming here, but they showed that there’s still more work they have to do before being able to finish in the top places in a tournament like this. They still performed better than more established teams like LGD and Na’Vi, so that’s an important achievement for them.

VG. Reborn is supposed to be one of the strongest Chinese teams left, but the truth is that they are having too many troubles to win a game. They were only able to get a convincible win against Liquid, which actually says more about Liquid’s lack of performance in this Group Stage.

Prediction: TnC. TnC has simply played better in this tournament. This is a Bo1 series, so this is something that could go either way. But since we need to choose, TnC should be ought to win this match.

Main Event | Day 1: Team Secret Logo Dota 2 Team Secret vs. LGD Team Logo Dota2 LGD Gaming

Start Time: August 8th, 17:30 AM PDT  / 20:30 PM EDT  / 02:30 CEST (next day) 

Team Secret had a good first day, but then everything went downhill starting from the second. They were finally able to get a 2-0 win against Liquid by the end of the stage, and with only one more win they would’ve been able to go to a tiebreaker against MVP Phoenix. Sadly, this didn’t happen, and there’s a lot of work to be done. They do have the possibility of winning the tournament, but they need to fix their problems fast.

LGD Gaming has a fantastic lineup, but sadly it doesn’t seem to work well together. Just like Secret, they have the potential of winning the International 2016, but it seems like their problems are harder to fix than Secret’s.

Prediction: Secret. The reason we choose to go for Secret is that they had a much better start than the Chinese. Additionally, they played in the tougher group and got better results. This tells us that Secret will be able to take this game.

Main Event | Day 1: Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Fnatic vs. Escape Gaming Team Dota 2 Logo Escape Gaming

Start Time: August 8th, 18:30 AM PDT  / 21:30 PM EDT  / 03:30 CEST (next day) 

A lot of people got mad at Fnatic not getting a direct invite to the International; they had a good season before the tournament, but they started to fall apart when they got to Seattle. They were still close to qualify to the Upper Bracket, but they did not play very well.

Escape Gaming had the worst results of all the teams. They are a Wild Card team, so this is actually the normal result they should get (if we don’t take EHOME or CDEC into account). They had a tough time beating the strong teams of their group, and only managed to win once against Alliance and Na’vi.

Prediction: Fnatic. This will be a close match and a hard one to predict. Escape Gaming sometimes has really good games, but Fnatic is just a lot more consistent and they won more in the toughest group, so this gives them more chances.

Main Event | Day 1: Natus Vincere Team Logo Dota 2 Natus Vincere vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid

Start Time: August 8th, 19:30 AM PDT  / 22:30 PM EDT  / 04:30 CEST (next day) 

Na’Vi won against one of the promising teams of the tournament: Wings Gaming. Still, they lost too many games and weren’t able to secure the Upper Bracket. It’s true that there’s something that needs fixing for this Main Event, since they were doing much better before coming to Seattle.

On the other hand, something really bad must have happened to Liquid for them to start losing like this. They were one of the favorites coming to the tournament and now are about to leave in the first round. It seems like they prepared to beat the big teams, but forgot about the little ones that studied them and that’s what sent them to the Lower Bracket. We hope that’s the only thing that happened, and not some internal issues that might jeopardize the future of the team.

Prediction: Na’Vi. The CiS squad was given a direct invite, just like Liquid. But Na’Vi showed slightly better results. This is a tough one and the better team might not win here. We believe Na’Vi will make it because they seem to have a lot more passion and ambitions of winning right now. Liquid had terrible, unforgiving results against much weaker team, so Na’Vi should have slightly more hopes of making it.

You know who will win?

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