Day 5 Predictions – Main Event Shanghai Major

Day 4 of the Shanghai Major left us with the knowledge of the top 3 finalists of this tournament. All of the series played this day ended with a straightforward 2-0 result. Although there were some really close comebacks, none of the teams that won in this day had a particularly hard time against their opponent. This might help us defining which of the two teams remaining in the Lower Bracket will go to the Grand Finals. For today, Liquid and EG have already secured third place and will play against each other for the chance of going against Secret in the unique Bo5 series of the tournament.

Now that the last day is almost up, hindsight shows that the competitive scene in Dota 2 is shifting. There are possibilities of a big shuffle between Chinese teams because the teams that will play in the Manila Major won’t be able to change roster for The International 2016, and China never had such a bad run in a Valve tournament before. Some people say they’re just preparing for Ti6 so this wasn’t an important tournament for them, but it’s still a really poor performance that is just not normal.

Another big change that is coming is that after this Major, SEA will also be considered a strong region for the first time in Dota history. This is something to take into consideration for the next tournaments to come; Valve will be giving teams from this region direct invites once again, although we’re not sure if they’re going to give so many direct invitations like they did for this tournament. Some analysts believe that Valve is going to reduce the amount of invites given to teams since so many of them had a really bad run, and qualified teams did better overall. It’s probable we’ll see 4 to 6 direct invites instead of 8, but this is just speculation after seeing the terrible results of invited teams in this tournament.

Shanghai Major Main Event Predictions
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Now, here are the predictions for the Lower Bracket Finals:

Main Event Day 5 – Lower Bracket Finals – Predictions

Main Event Day 5 – Match #1: EG Team Logo EG vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Liquid

Now that EG has eliminated two of the teams that were giving a lot to talk about in this Winter Major, they need to worry about the toughest opponents remaining in the tournament. EG is known to be the kings of the Lower Bracket, not because they are always playing there, but because they usually drop to this bracket for the finals and end up finishing at least top 2 anyways. The run EG has had this tournament is very similar to previous championships; they have played really well in this Major, and even though they dropped to the Lower Bracket, they have high chances of winning the tournament.

Liquid has had a really good run and this is their first match in the Lower Bracket. Unfortunately, they have to play against the kings of Lower Bracket. This team hasn’t had the chance of playing against EG before in this tournament, so we can’t really predict how they’re going to behave now. However, we know that they don’t have a good history going against EG in other tournaments. It also seemed like they couldn’t handle Secret and ended up losing 2-0 against them, while EG had closer games against Puppey’s lineup when they dropped down to the Lower Bracket.

It’s really rare to see EG lose a Lower Bracket Finals, but it’s not impossible against a team like Liquid. The North American will need to apply their knowledge against the Europeans, as it’s not really a battle against lower skilled players. Both teams have veterans playing, and the draft will be a really big part of this series.

After thinking about how EG has had bigger challenges before and knowing that they have remained composed in bigger and more challenging scenarios, we must give this series to the NA team.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 EG


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