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NaVi.naLooks like there will be two Na'Vi teams participating in the International this year. Na'Vi has officially signed the American qualifier for the International, the North American Rejects . There has been rumors that Na'Vi was looking for a second team to sponsor and they have finally confirmed those rumors by recruiting NAR. Na'Vi hopes that the NAR will continue their dominating run in Dota 2 as the name Na'Vi is always associated with winning as Sneyking said during the signing:


“I think the name Na'Vi summons an image of unparalleled success and excellence. We will strive to live up to that excellence, and create an incredible legacy of our own. We have a long-lasting commitment not only to the community, but to each other as teammates.”

-Sneyking, North American Rejects


This pick-up might just be the start of something big for Na'Vi in North America as they aim to expand their influence in the US, as the CEO of Na'Vi says:


“We’ve been trying to open North America division for over a year. It’s definitely a huge step forward from Na'Vi’s evolution perspective. The Dota 2 squad is just the first stage in our plan of Natus Vincere project development in North America. We are going to take on two more squads in other disciplines. Our approach to selection of new players representing Na'Vi.NA brand will be quite prudent and demanding.”

 -Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovskyy, CEO Na`Vi Group



Looking forward to more Na'Vi signings as they try to conquer the North American market.

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