Manila Major Main Event – Day 5 Predictions

Manila Major 2016 Tournament LogoDay 4 destroyed our dreams of a pure SEA final since Fnatic are now out of the tournament by the hand of Team Liquid. The Germans haven’t lost a single game in the Lower Bracket, and just like we predicted they’re about to reach the Lower Bracket Finals. Still, things aren’t getting easier for them. It’s probable that they will have to face MVP Phoenix once again in the Lower Bracket if the Koreans manage to beat LGD Gaming at the beginning of the day. MVP.P’s QO said that they could win the tournament if they won against Liquid, and they already did once. They might be able to do it once again if Liquid didn’t learn anything from their 2-0 loss against them in the Upper Bracket round 1.

Today we will also have the Upper Bracket finals between OG and Newbee. The Europeans are right now on a winning streak and their star player Miracle- hasn’t died in the entire Main Event. Still, Newbee hasn’t showed any flaw so far –except for a game they lost against Digital Chaos. This isn’t enough prove to say that they will win easily against OG. Anything could happen in this game, and we probably will see this match again in the Grand Final.

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Dota 2 Icon The Manila Major – Main Event Day 5 Match Predictions and Betting Odds

Day 5 – Manila Major – Match Betting Odds

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Dota 2 Icon Lower Bracket

Dota 2 Icon Match #1: MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix vs. LGD Team Logo Dota2 LGD Gaming

It was a surprise to see MVP lose so easily against OG, and that certainly sucked some confidence out of them. That’s something they will need to learn to put aside, as they still have good chances of taking the tournament. They now need to focus on beating LGD Gaming and Team Liquid afterwards.

LGD Gaming have already reached the 5th-6th position after looking like they needed a lot to work on. They did well in the Group Stage. They finished first and only lost one game against EG. They won both games against MVP Phoenix. This leaves MVP Phoenix in a bad position because they do seem to have troubles against the Chinese.

Prediction: MVP Phoenix is one of the toughest opponents of the tournament, but LGD Gaming isn’t scared of them at all. LGD has an impressive lineup filled with TI 3rd, 2nd and 1st finishers. These guys have a lot of experience and they’re now working better as a team. This day is really hard to predict, but LGD Gaming seem more likely to win this match.

>> Result Prediction: (2-1) LGD Gaming

Dota 2 Icon Match #2: OG Dota 2 Team Logo OG vs. Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee

OG has found themselves in a really good mood after beating MVP Phoenix in two games while only adding a total of 7 deaths. The second match was a new record in kill difference. It ended 24:0, an improvement from the past record held by IG against EG with 22:0. They are certainly doing much better in the Main Event when compared to the Group Stage where they finished second place of their group after Newbee.

Newbee only seem to struggle a little bit against opponents that they haven’t studied very well. Digital Chaos was one of them, and that’s why they lost one game against the Americans. However, they seem to know OG really well; they’ve won the last series against them, including a 2-0 in the Group Stage. The Chinese won’t be intimidated with Miracle’s 43-0 record.

Prediction: Newbee and OG have had a couple of clashes recently where their results have varied a lot. However, the latest matches are always more relevant, and we see that they have won against OG in the last two series, including a 2-0 in the Group Stage. The Chinese seem to know how to win against OG, so it will hard for the European lineup to do the same they did against MVP.P.

>> Result Prediction: (2-1) Newbee

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