Manila Major Main Event – Day 4 Predictions

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Day 3 of the Manila Major threw Digital Chaos and Team Empire out of the tournament. It seems like VF.Reborn didn’t care much about how promising DC was looking and simply outdrafted them. They even let w33ha play his main hero –Invoker– during the last game. Their lineup was too strong for both pushing and team fighting, so the Americans weren’t able to stop it. This result, together with LGD’s victory against Team Empire is leading to the first Chinese matchup of the tournament, which will happen today on day 4.

The Upper Bracket finalists are OG and Newbee. The Europeans managed to win against MVP Phoenix in an impressive showdown. They completely dominated MVP.P. with a score of 2-0 where they had only one death. Miracle- himself has a score of 43-0 in the Main Event. He hasn’t died even once, and his incredible performance with his team has already earned them Top 3 in this Major. They will now have to face their toughest match yet against Newbee on Day 5.

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Dota 2 Icon The Manila Major – Main Event Day 4 Match Predictions and Betting Odds

Day 3 – Manila Major – Match Betting Odds

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Dota 2 Icon The Manila Major – Main Event Day 4 Match Predictions

Dota 2 Icon Predictions Lower Bracket

Day 4 – Match #1: Team Liquid vs. Natus Vincere

Na’Vi is certainly recovering from a really bad season. They’re now in the best position they’ve been in at least 2 years. They still struggle against teams that aren’t that strong, and they need to stop making silly mistakes. Surpassing this will be crucial for this victory, as the Germans aren’t exactly known for forgiving mistakes.

Team Liquid dropped to the Lower Bracket quickly, but they also had to go against one of the favorites in the first round. They are still one of the favorite teams that could win this. They do not make mistakes often and know Na’Vi very well –especially their former 5th position, Kuroky.

Prediction: Na’Vi and Liquid haven’t played against each other for quite some time. We can’t really compare their relationship as opponents, but we do know that Liquid is one of the best teams in the world. We haven’t seen them make the same mistakes Na’Vi showed in the games against Alliance. They also have been getting at least top 2 in the latest tournaments. You can only win against these guys by playing and drafting perfectly in this patch.

> Result Prediction: 2-1 Team Liquid


Day 4 – Match #2: VG.Reborn vs. LGD Gaming

VG.Reborn has come so far thanks to FY’s leadership. He is a truly outstanding player and captain. His experience has taught this new team a lot, and it has also taught other teams about playing intelligently. Their games are interesting to watch because you never know what kind of strategy they’re going to pull out of their pockets.

LGD has an impressive and scary lineup on paper. They have the players to be the best team in the world, but they might be lacking practice and better team cohesion. This is something that can be achieved in time. Almost all of them have reached at least 3rd position in an International, so with a little work they could overcome their problems.

Prediction: VG.Reborn was able to beat Digital Chaos easily with FY’s amazing drafting. They were able to throw them off by giving them their best heroes but countering them heavily. The main question they have to ask themselves now is whether this will work against LGD. We don’t believe it will because LGD Gaming has way too many experienced players. Xiao88 is just too smart to fall for something like this. A TI experienced lineup like LGD’s has the upper hand and should be able to win this matchup.

>> Result Prediction: LGD Gaming 2-0

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