Manila Major Main Event – Day 3 Predictions

Manila Major 2016 Tournament LogoWe were able to predict all the winners of the second day of the Manila Major 2016, which ended with the elimination of Complexity and Alliance. Digital Chaos and LGD have dropped to the Lower Bracket, although DC showed a fierce resistance against Newbee and lost 2-1, which is much better than we expected. This tells us that the American team still has a lot of chances of winning at least two more matches in the Lower Bracket, as they won’t be have to face the strongest teams that have dropped.

Day 2 was also nostalgic because it held “El Clasico” between Alliance and Na’Vi. These two teams didn’t show their best performance yet; a lot of mistakes were involved from both parts. In the end, Na’Vi ended winning the series just like we predicted, as they simply made fewer mistakes and they played better as a team. Na’Vi will now have real troubles facing Liquid on Day 4, since the Germans are arguably the strongest western team right now. They can’t afford to make more mistakes like that if they want to win this important match.

Now Day 3 promises many more interesting matches, especially MVP Phoenix and OG. The winner of this match will potentially become the victorious team of the entire Major. We also got matches like Newbee vs. Fnatic and Liquid vs. Na’Vi. This is certainly another good day to stay home and watch some high quality Dota 2.

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Dota 2 Icon The Manila Major – Main Event Day 3 Match Predictions and Betting Odds

Day 3 – Manila Major – Match Betting Odds

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Dota 2 Icon Lower Bracket

Dota 2 Icon Match #1: Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo Digital Chaos vs. Vici Gaming Reborn Dota 2 Team Logo VG.Reborn

Digital Chaos put up a great fight against the ex-Ti champions, Newbee. The Chinese couldn’t secure the second game against w33ha’s Invoker and had to go to a round 3. In this last game they blocked w33ha’s main heroes and then were able to win easily. This says a lot about the threat this guy represents. Still, it isn’t really all thanks to his individual skills, but rather due to the whole team working well, even though they’re just starting to play together.

VG.Reborn weren’t expected to beat EG, but they were able to eliminate the TI champions. However, they’ve lost against Alliance and Wings Gaming recently, which are already out of the tournament. This team still has a lot to show and it’s hard to say that they’re gaining confidence and solidness as a team.

Prediction: These two teams stood up strong against the two last TI champions. This shows that they have a good future ahead. However, it seems like Digital Chaos is fitting better together. It’s going to be a hard match to predict. It will all come down to banning w33ha’s heroes without giving the rest of the team breadth to draft with good synergy. The drafting stage will play a really important role here.

>> Result Prediction: (2-1) Digital Chaos

Dota 2 Icon Match #2: LGD Team Logo Dota2 LGD Gaming vs. Team Empire Logo Dota2 Team Empire

LGD Gaming is on the rise once again, but they don’t seem to be as consistent as before. They used to constantly get at least top 4 in every tournament but now are barely recovering from the Chinese roster swap crisis. They are gaining strength once again, but still have a long road ahead.

Team Empire is also recovering from a roster change that had to happen if they wanted to survive as a team. They have certainly improved a lot, and were able to throw Team Secret out of the tournament. This still doesn’t say much, as Secret is now looking as the weakest between Tier 1 teams and is almost becoming Tier 2. These Russians know how to dominate other CIS teams, but they don’t seem to play well against other regions.

Prediction: LGD Gaming looks like a much stronger team than Team Empire. They are both adapting to changes and do need to play more together, but the Chinese are playing with a TI winner and some other TI finalists and semifinalists. This is a really strong team individually, and if they’re able to work their difference and play better as a team, they can become one of the strongest teams in the world.

>> Result Prediction: (2-0) LGD Gaming

Dota 2 Icon Upper Bracket

Dota 2 Icon Match #3: MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix vs. OG Dota 2 Team Logo OG

This is the big match of the night. The Koreans from MVP Phoenix said that they will take the tournament if they were able to beat Team Liquid, which they already did. This is something important to bear in mind, as they look more confident than ever and they have the capacity of winning against any other opponent.

OG gifted us an amazing showdown when they won Frankfurt Major 2015 after starting from the Lower Bracket. Now they are looking as strong, if not stronger, than during the first Major tournament. Their performance is impressive and they’re definitely one of the favorite teams here.

Prediction: OG hasn’t been able to handle Liquid well in the past. They also lose often against Newbee. They are probably the weakest compared to Liquid, MVP Phoenix and Newbee. On the other hand, MVP Phoenix has already managed to dominate Liquid 2-0 in this tournament and they’re coming ready to win this after having an amazing run in the Shanghai Major when they were considered a tier 2 team. After seeing that improvement, we can say that a couple of months were more than enough for these guys to finally have reached their final form. They seem to be more prepared and ready to win this.

>> Result Prediction: (2-1) MVP Phoenix

Dota 2 Icon Match #4: Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee vs. Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Fnatic

This is the second biggest match of the night. Fnatic is looking stronger than ever and it’s really hard to tell how far they can go. SEA is now one of the strongest regions, even though they only have two important teams, and these guys are already tired of winning so much against their counterpart MVP Phoenix. This tells how scary Mushi’s team is.

Newbee has showed their top performance since Ti4. They have the perfect carry, mid and supports combination and they seem not to know what a bad decision is. A lot of the games they lose come down to outdrafting rather than the other team having better execution. If these guys manage to stop the other team from picking an extremely strong lineup, they’re probably going to win.

Prediction: This is one of the hardest matches one can predict. It basically comes down to having a feeling of who’s going to win. However, since we don’t think this is what you want to read, our argument is that Newbee has many more individually experienced and talented players. They also come from a region with a lot more competitive teams, so they have a lot more practice in high-level professional Dota 2. This gives them an edge that will probably be enough to win against Fnatic. Still, we won’t be surprised if we see a pure SEA Upper Bracket Final after this day 3.

>> Result Prediction: (2-1) Newbee

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