The Manila Major Main Event | Finals & Grand Finals Predictions

Manila Major Tournament Dota 2 LogoThe last and most waited day is close to start, and only the best 3 teams are left. Team Liquid and Newbee will fight to qualify for the Grand Final where they’ll face OG. We expected Newbee to make it to the finals first, but OG is in a good momentum that has made them survive the entire Upper Bracket against the best teams. This is an achievement that will be remembered for a lot of time, especially knowing that this same squad managed to win the first Major starting from the Lower Bracket. This European lineup wants to become the first team to ever win two Major tournaments; they will also be the first to win two premium Valve events if they managed to take the first place. This will give them a lot of motivation in the final.

Newbee looked surprised after losing against OG. It really wasn’t an easy series. It ended 2-1 and things could have gone the other way around in a matter of seconds. Now the Chinese lineup will have to face Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket, which has been completely dominated by the Germans. Newbee did not play perfectly against OG and did commit some mistakes that cost them the series. Still, it isn’t like OG didn’t make any mistake; in the end it was a matter of luck, and from now on the results we get will be heavily weighted by this factor that nobody can control.

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Dota 2 Icon The Manila Major – Main Event Finals & Grand Finals Match Predictions and Betting Odds

Finals & Grand Finals – Manila Major – Match Betting Odds

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Dota 2 Icon Finals – Lower Bracket

Dota 2 Icon Finals – Match #1: Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid

Newbee dominated the Group Stage and the Upper Bracket until they had to face OG in the bracket finals. Even though they won 2-0 against the European in their group, OG managed to come out on top in the most decisive moment until now. They now have a second chance to redeem themselves, but they need to beat Liquid first. This is not an easy match, but it’s certainly one that Newbee can win.

Team Liquid dropped to the Lower Bracket quickly, which was a surprise for a lot of people. They lost against one of the most promising teams coming to this tournament, but now they have survived them and need to focus on Newbee. The TI winning lineup is giving western teams a hard time, so the Germans will need to give everything they have just for a chance of going against OG.

Prediction: It’s probable that Liquid has more preparation going against OG since they are from the same region that they dominate. Going against the Chinese is something completely different. Still, it’s not like they can’t beat them. They won EPICENTER against them in a Bo5 final, but it wasn’t an easy matchup and it took all the 5 games for that to happen. This Bo3 is going to be a true challenge for both teams. Liquid can beat Newbee if they’re given more time, but in this Bo3 they won’t have too much chance to make the right decisions. The Chinese capitalize better in this kind of matchups, and knowing that the Germans lost 2-0 against a Korean team that Chinese and Europeans didn’t struggle to beat in this tournament, they seem to have lower chances.

>> Result Prediction: (2-1) Newbee

Dota 2 Icon Who’s going to win the Manila Major 2016?

Dota 2 Icon Scenario #1: Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee vs. OG Dota 2 Team Logo OG

Since we don’t know who’s going to go against OG, we’ll talk briefly about the two scenarios. The first one is an OG vs. Newbee final. This one looks really hard to predict. The winning team will be the one with fewer mistakes. A Bo5 against Newbee after struggling in a Bo3 can throw different results. However the Chinese didn’t have to face the strongest opponent in the Upper Bracket. The Europeans have history of losing against Newbee after winning in an Upper Bracket, but their momentum looks really strong right now, and they’re all playing better than ever. OG has had tougher opponents in the entire tournament, and they still won the Upper Bracket. They look like they’re ready to win this.

Prediction: OG.

Dota 2 Icon Scenario #2: OG Dota 2 Team Logo OG vs. Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid

If the final ends up being OG vs. Liquid, Liquid might have the upper hand. The reason is that things change quite a bit if you take out all foreigner teams. In Europe, Team Liquid has been the dominating team for the last couple of months. They know each other very well and are used to play scrims together. As you might think, going against a Chinese team is different because they don’t know you that well. They lack preparation going against you, but other teams that know you very well won’t give you the advantages you want.

Prediction: Team Liquid.

>> Result Prediction: (2-1) Newbee

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