Group Stage & Predictions – Manila Major 2016

Manila Major 2016 Tournament LogoThe Manila Major’s Group Stage will run from Friday June 3 to Saturday 4. Valve has already announced the format, which will be similar to previous Majors’ GSL format.

The teams will be split in four groups of four. The best two from each one will advance to the Upper Bracket and losers will go to Lower Bracket. Although teams won’t be eliminated in this stage, finishing in the top two places will increase exponentially their chances of winning this Spring Major. It will give its winners another chance if they lose one series during the Playoffs.
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Dota 2 Icon The Manila Major 2016 Group Stage | Facts:

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  • Date: 06/03/2016 – 06/04/2016
  • Groups: 4 groups of 4 teams
  • Best-of-Three Series
  • Each team will play between 2 and 3 Bo3 series
  • 20 Bo3 series will be played in total (40-60 games in total in the Group Stage)
  • Patch: 6.87d
  • Location: Mall of Asia Arena, Manila – Philippines
  • Betting Odds for all matches available

Dota 2 Icon Groups and Final Result Predictions

The four groups were announced five days before the Group Stage, on May 29. This is an important announcement for the teams, as it will give them some time to prepare for their particular opponents. Each one of the following teams has strengths and weaknesses that the rest will try to use for their advantage.

As for us, we can start predicting some of the winners:

Group A:

Team Empire Logo Dota2  compLexity Gaming Dota 2 Team Logo OG Dota 2 Team Logo Newbee Team Logo Dota2

Even though tCompLexity and Empire do look promising, they don’t seem to be up to the challenge against the other two teams. OG’s highest-MMR-in-the-world player (Miracle-) and TI-winners Hao, Chuan and Mu from Newbee look too tough to beat in this stage. The safest bet is to go for these two teams.

Prediction (Advances to Main Event): Newbee Team Logo Dota2 Newbee, OG Dota 2 Team Logo OG.

Group B:

Team Secret Logo Dota 2 Natus Vincere Team Logo Dota 2 Team Wings Dota 2 Logo Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo

If we were to look only at these teams’ composition on paper, we would say Team Secret has the highest chances of winning. However, they have not showed a good performance since they started this new roster. This is something really hard to say, as this is arguably the weakest group of all. In this group, the most solid team right now is Wings Gaming; they’ve been playing a lot in china against the top teams and have been getting great results, including a 2-0 against Newbee. On the other hand, Digital Chaos is showing lately as the best team from America after EG. This is probably going to be a close result, but these two teams are the ones to go for.

Prediction (Advances to Main Event): Digital Chaos Dota 2 Team Logo Digital Chaos, Team Wings Dota 2 Logo Wings Gaming

Group C:

Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Vici Gaming Reborn Dota 2 Team Logo Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Alliance Team Logo Dota 2

After many months of consistency with good results, including second place in the last two majors and first place in EPICENTER, Liquid is one of the favorite teams coming to this tournament. On the other hand, Fnatic are on an impressive 15-win streak. They look pretty strong, and even though Vici Reborn and Alliance are not to be taken lightly, they look like the safest bet, especially Liquid.

Prediction (Advances to Main Event): Team Liquid Logo Dota2 Team Liquid, Fnatic Team Logo Dota2 Fnatic.

Group D:

LGD Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 Mineski Team Dota 2 Logo

Mineski is probably the weakest team in the tournament, so we will not count them in this prediction. The tough part to predict is which one between LGD, MVP and EG won’t make it top 2. Seeing recent matches, MVP seems like the safest bet. They won WePlay Dota 2 Season 3 and Dota Pit Season 4 recently, and they’re one of the favorite teams coming to this tournament. They have shown a great future, and they just need to improve their consistency. As for the remaining teams, they seem to be in common ground with some important wins but also shameful losses. Still, we will have to go for EG as they seem to be more consistent in big tournaments like this one; we can’t remember the last time they didn’t make it to the Upper Bracket with so much money on stake.

Prediction (Advances to Main Event): MVP Phoenix Team Logo Dota2 MVP Phoenix, Evil Genius Team Logo Dota 2 Evil Geniuses


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