Dota 2 League – Tournament Overview 2016

Dota 2 turned into the most rewarding eSport game in the world pretty quick. We could say it’s all thanks to its producer, Valve. However, there are many other important tournaments not organized by Valve that have also delivered a lot of unforgettable matches. A lot of these tournaments have already set time and date for new editions in the upcoming year 2016. Let’s take a look at what is coming for Dota 2 lovers and bettors all around the world.

Let’s remember that 2016 promises a lot of good things. Without any doubt, this upcoming year’s Dota 2 rewards count will be larger than 2015’s, as we will see a full year of new Majors with millions of dollars in prize money. These recently-announced tournaments are now the most waited and important Dota 2 championships. As for now, Valve have only announced one: the Shanghai Major, but there are 3 more yet to be proclaimed by the company, including TI6.

2016 Dota 2 Premier Tournaments Organized by Valve

The Shanghai Major (or Winter Major) and 3 Tournaments Yet to be Announced

The Shanghai Major Dota2 TournamentThe first tournament that Valve will deliver this year will come on March 2, although its qualifiers will start the 3rd of January. We were able to taste what these Majors will bring thanks to the Frankfurt Major. That was 2015’s Fall Major where OG went from starting in the Lower Bracket to winning the tournament. It was probably one of the most amazing position comebacks we’ve seen. The upcoming Majors in 2016 will surely create more epic stories.

The Shanghai Major will feature a prize pool of $3,000,000. It will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China’s largest city. Read more about the Shanghai Major 2016.

Valve is yet to announce the following tournaments:

2016 Dota 2 Premier Tournaments Not Organized by Valve (Announced)

SL i-League Star Series

i League 2016 Dota 2 Tournament logoFrom the 13th to the 17th of January, the best teams from 4 regions will compete on a tournament organized by ImbaTV and StarLadder. This is actually the 13th Season of this tournament; it’s probably the oldest Dota 2 championship, but it hasn’t lost any strength since its first year.

We already know most of the teams that will play at the Main Event: EG, Alliance, Vega, VP, CIS Rejects, CompLexity Gaming, LGD, EHOME, Wings Gaming and Fnatic. There are still 2 spots available: one for Secret, OG or Liquid and another unannounced invited team. The prize pool is at least $300,000 USD.

MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 Winter

MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 TournamentEven though this tournament’s qualifiers started in 2015, its Main Even takes place in 2016. 10 teams will compete for $250,000 until the end of January. This tournament consists of 5 invited teams and 5 qualified teams from all regions.

VG and OG were the first teams to be invited. The European, American and SEA Qualifiers are already over, but they were held for teams that aren’t higher than tier 2. This means that the 3 missing invites will be only for the teams MarsTV consider the top 3 in the world after OG and VG.

The Main Event LAN will be best of three, double-elimination bracket.

Dota Pit League Season 4

Dota Pit Season 4 Dota 2 TournamentThe fourth Dota Pit tournament by the One Game Agency will be held from the 29th to the 30th of March. It will feature a base prize pool of $100,000 that will grow with 25% contribution from in-game tickets and 10% from the Dota Pit League Season 4 Tournament Chest.

It will consist of 8 teams: 4 invited and 4 qualified. VP, OG and Secret have already been invited. Read more about the Dota Pit League Season 4. Read more about the Dota Pit League Season 4.

ESL One Manila 2016

ESL One Manila 2016 Dota2 TournamentFrom the 23rd to the 24th of April, 8 teams will compete for the best share of the $250,000 prize pool. ESL One Manila is the first tournament to be held in South Eastern Asia that offers such an outstanding prize pool and that features the best teams in the world playing on LAN.

It will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. Two teams will be directly invited and rest will have to qualify. There will be 1 qualified team from Europe, 1 from USA, 1 from Philippines, 2 from SEA and 1 from China.  Read more about the ESL ONE Manila 2016 >>

ESL One Frankfurt 2016

ESL One Frankfurt 2016 Dota 2 TournamentSimilar to ESL One Manila, 8 teams will compete for $250,000 and the ESL One Champion title, but this time at the Commerzbank-arena in Frankfurt, Germany. This will be the third time this tournament is held.

It will take place on June 18 and 19. Read more about the ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

The Summit (5th and 6th edition)

The Summit Dota 2 TournamentSince its first edition, the Summit turned into one of the favorites Dota 2 tournaments.  Now with two editions per year, it might not feature the largest prize pool ever, but it does attract many viewers thanks to its particular setup.

8 teams will live in a small house in Los Angeles for a few days where the tournament will be held.  Dota 2 pros will also play some Nintendo, eat together, cast games and do many more hilarious things live for many fans to enjoy.

The fifth edition will be held in July and the sixth in December. More details are yet to be announced.

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