Free To Play The Movie | Valve´s esports documentary

Valve announces the documentary called „Free to Play“ will be available via Steam from the 19th of march. World premiere will be at the 18th of march at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. The documentary will be completely free of charges and available via Steam for everyone.

It's a story about three wold-class players – HyHy , Dendi and Fear – who were accompanied by Valve as part of the participation of the first major Dota 2 tournament – ‘The International'. The tournament was held in 2011 and had a prize pool of one million dollars – at that time it was the most highly doped tournament in terms of eSports .

„In recent years, the popularity of eSports rose immeasurably and today it is one of the most practiced competitive sports. The one-million-dollar tournament has changed the landscape of the gaming world and for the elite players at the peak of their success, everything should appear in a new light. The documentary shows which challenges players have to master and the sacrifices they had to make in order to compete at the highest level”

In parallel, Valve offers the “Free To Play Competitor Pack” for DotA 2, which can be purchased via Steam or at the ingame store. The pack enables you to show which of the three players you support. Items included in this in-game reward: item sets, a HUD skin and a ‘ Free to play' courier. Part of the proceeds will benefit the three players .

More Infos at:  Official Website    |   “Free To Play” on IMDB


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