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Today we had the most exciting match in the entire tournament. Secret vs EG was just what we were expecting: 3 really close games with many surprises. There were in total 3 Divine Rapiers involved in this series, and they all were bought by Eternal Envy’s Ember Spirit. Secret won Game 1 thanks to 2 Rapiers he had to get when the game looked lost. On the other hand, the Rapier bought in Game 2 didn’t end up with the result he wanted. Nevertheless, Secret managed to win the series 2 to 1 and are now finalists.

Speaking about the other games, VG vs EHOME ended up with a result we didn’t expected. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a total surprise. EHOME managed to win the series with their aggressive, Western-like playing style; they didn’t even let VG win a single game.

Finally OG vs EHOME was the end of the Chinese teams in the tournament. The last 2 games were one-sided, favoring OG. This shows that this team is one of the best in the world. EG will need to play at their best to beat OG in the Lower Bracket finals.

The Frankfurt Major – Lower Bracket Finals – Predictions

Day 6 – Match #1: EG Team Logo EG vs.  OG dota2 team logo OG

Evil Geniuses have played much better in this tournament. Secret was really close to losing to them. It all came down to Eternal Envy making the right call and playing carefully to keep his Rapiers safe. This ended up turning around a game that seemed won by EG. This stuff doesn’t happen often, and luck is an important factor when they do. What this proves is that Secret were much closer to losing to EG than in previous tournaments.

OG looked much more superior to EHOME in today’s series. The Europeans finished both games with a huge lead. This is how we know they are at least the top 3rd team in the world right now. Looking back, they won a series against EG when the Americans weren’t performing well. However, things have changed and we need to bear in mind that EG have fought much stronger teams than OG in this tournament.

Prediction: Even though OG won a series against EG during MLG World Finals, the North American lineup has already shown potential to win against the finalists. Both teams have high odds of winning, so this is a tough one. However, considering EG were so close to beating Secret, we could say that they have the highest odds.

>> Result Prediction: 2-1 EG Team Logo EG
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